Genelec 5.1 capture the excitement of The Who for live DVD At Townsend's Oceanic Studio

Oceanic, the London studio of Who guitarist Pete Townshend, has upgraded with a new Genelec 5.1 monitoring system based around the new 7071LSE subs, with their unique bass management.

The Genelecs were installed especially so producer Bob Pridden could re-mix a live Who performance from Boston in 5.1 format.

Oceanic Studio - the who remixes
Bob Pridden and Matt Hay

Bob has used his much-loved Lockwood monitors with Tannoy Red drivers, since the seventies all over the world, but when he came to do The Who's and a number of other 5.1 projects, he knew they had to upgrade. He and the band tried out 'dozens of speakers' but he wasn't impressed by any as he felt they sounded 'too hi-fi', but 'the minute they tried the Genelecs I loved them,' he said.

The live show was recorded in June 2002 and features Pino Paladino on bass after the untimely death of The Who's John Entwhistle. It was recorded on eight, eight-track digital machines, providing a total of 64 tracks. Engineer Matt Hay transferred the tapes at 96Khz into Pro Tools and then the real work began.

Bob has worked with The Who from the early days, so he knows exactly how the gig should sound. He set the sound stage up at the Boston gig to capture the exciting sound as is if you at the gig, experiencing The Who's performance from the centre of the stalls, with the drums off centre right and the ambience mics bringing up the rear.

Oceanic Studio now has a number of projects that are being worked on and in the pipeline - all to 5.1 and some DVDA and SACD