Addicted to Genelec. Enjoy these featured artists and studios from the world of Genelec.

Berlin bar opts for studio-grade sound quality from Genelec

Weekend DJ spots provide a distinctly electronic edge to the warm, candlelit atmosphere, attracting a crowd who expect nothing less than excellent audio. 

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Hunan TV relies on Genelec for China’s first Dolby ATMOS equipped OB truck

Hunan TV has launched the first Chinese OB truck capable of producing Dolby ATMOS 5.1.4 – with Genelec audio monitoring at its heart.

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Kraków University makes hot records in new studio

Created to inspire and aid the training of future sound engineers, the studio is part of the AGH – University of Science and Technology in Kraków, and marks the reinvention of a once derelict space.

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Collaboration is key at Fried Music’s Los Angeles studio

Collaboration is the theme for Fried Music, both in Los Angeles and in Helsinki.

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One on One with Hugo Candelario

For more than two decades, Hugo Candelario has championed the popularity of Columbian folk music, earning the devotion of a global fanbase with a blend of intense rhythms and African roots.

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Hugo Candelario One on One interview

Dancing Trash Heroes challenge everyone to care for their environment

Few musical duos are capable of raising as many smiles whilst doing quite so much good for their community as Finland’s Tra

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Tarja Turunen hits all the right notes with Genelec

Few contemporary vocalists possess a voice as recognisable or simply impressive as Finland’s Tarja Turunen.

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Producer Jukka Immonen: “Monitor speakers must enable you to make bold decisions”

Immonen is a friend of beefy and overdriven music, and he enjoys it when he can feel the music with his body.

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One On One with Peter Morris of Voiceover Soho

Peter Morris’s strong commitment to Immersive Audio has led to this new Dolby Atmos equipped installation featuring a 7.1.4 Genelec SAM monitoring system.

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One on One with Richard Devine

One thing that Richard Devine definitely needs for this highly detailed creative work is absolute sonic accuracy.

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