The Ones Global Tour Lands in Beijing

One of Genelec’s fastest growing markets is China, and once again our BGA (Beijing Genelec Audio) team did us proud with a stunning ‘Meet The Ones’ event at the Ullens Center for Contemporary Arts (UCCA) in Beijing last month, to coincide with the BIRTV broadcast show.

Located in Chaoyang’s attractive 798 Art District, UCCA is the most popular modern art gallery in China, with upwards of 1 million visitors per year. Genelec already has a very close relationship with UCCA, since Genelec loudspeakers regularly feature in art installations in the gallery, so it made a perfect choice of location for the event.

Over 100 VIP guests attended during the afternoon as BGA’s National Director Feng Hanying introduced Siamäk Naghian, Lars-Olof Janflod and Juho Martikainen from Genelec Oy, and translated their speeches for the audience. Feng then continued with his translation of Thomas Lund and Aki Mäkivirta’s presentation of The Ones, before introducing two more special guests.

Siamäk Naghian and Thomas Lund

Mr Li Dakang (Professor of Communication at the University of China) specialises in location recording, while Mr Li Xiaopei (Chief Recording Engineer at CCTV) focusses strongly on studio recording. Both are highly renowned engineers, and with more than 80 years of recording experience between them have witnessed first-hand the development of the recording industry in China. Coincidentally, both have installed Genelec 8351s in their home studios!

Mr Li Dakang and Mr Li Xiaopei

In a fascinating interview with the two guests, Feng discussed with them the trends in studio monitoring in China over the years, the relative merits of using main and nearfield monitors, and their tips and suggestions for working with studio monitors.

After a break for some well-earned refreshments, the guests then spent considerable time in the two listening rooms, auditioning the three Ones models - 8331, 8341 and 8351 - with a selection of high quality source material. Many were keen to test the ultra-nearfield monitoring qualities of The Ones, which allows listeners to position themselves as close as 40cm from the monitors without any loss of precision.

Following on from the UCCA event, the BGA team spent the next three days showcasing The Ones at the BIRTV show - China's most prestigious exhibition for the radio, film and TV sectors. With a focus on the entire SAM series, visitors to the booth were also able to audition The Ones in immersive audio mode, thanks to a specially constructed 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos system within the booth itself.

To mark a truly excellent Chinese launch for The Ones, we're also pleased to report that the 8351 received a BIRTV 2017 Show Award for 'Outstanding Product'.

A big ‘thank you’ to all the guests that attended both events, and congratulations to the entire BGA team for organising such an inspiring and unique launch.