NAMM Musikmesse Russia Welcomes Genelec

OKNO-AUDIO, Genelec’s new distribution partner in Russia, got off to a flying start at this month’s NAMM Musikmesse Show in Moscow.

The show - which last year attracted 144 manufacturers and over 16,000 visitors - ran between the 14th and 17th September at the Sokolniki Exhibition & Convention Center, and gave OKNO-AUDIO their first opportunity to showcase Genelec Classic and SAM monitors and subwoofers to an enthusiastic audience.

OKNO-AUDIO’s Grigory Khozov told us:

“In terms of the public reaction and feedback during the exhibition, I would say that many visitors were really interested in knowing more about Genelec technologies such as the DCW and how monitors interact with the room. Also, visitors were keen to understand how the addition of a subwoofer can be an instrument for solving acoustic problems - rather than just a tool for getting more bass.”

Grigory also experienced the same high level of interest in The Ones’ coaxial design that we’ve been encountering globally throughout the year:

“People were attracted by the look of the 8351 model, and were very interested in the coaxial design and the new technologies used to create The Ones’ Ultimate Point Source performance. Despite the challenges that a noisy show environment presents, some visitors claimed that they could still hear the 8351’s increased level of detail and excellent stereo imaging.”


Jukka Latva-Hakuni from Genelec with OKNO-AUDIO’s Grigory Khozov

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