Genelec S360 at Addiction Sound Studios in Nashville

July 18
Addiction Sound Studios

The Nashville community is booming, welcoming 100 new residents each day, allowing the local music scene to prosper as well. From country to hip-hop, Music City is all about music diversity. 

We recently had the opportunity to showcase our latest Smart Active Monitor, the S360, at  Addiction Sound Studios in the heart of the Berry Hill area. We invited the Nashville audio community - engineers, producers and artists - to come experience  the Genelec S360 and  GLM calibration software first hand, in a world class studio environment. 

Some of the comments compared the S360 to the legacy Genelec 1032A. People were looking for a sub even though we weren’t running one, a testament to the S360’s low end performance. The effect the GLM calibration process had on tuning the speakers to the room was also a huge eye opener and stressed the importance of dialing the speaker into each and every unique acoustical space. What really became a mind blowing moment was when we switched from the S360’s to  the Genelec 1238 mains residing in studio A. The sound was so consistent from one to the next that it was difficult at times to tell which one was playing. This was again validation that the Genelec lineup of products are diverse yet extremely consistent sounding from model to model.

The best thing about listening events is meeting new people (as well as seeing old friends) and discovering new music. Having access to what seems to be an unlimited catalog of songs from a high definition streaming service like TIDAL makes exploring new artists as easy as it was to calibrate the system using GLM software. We hope to see you at a one of our listening events in the future!