Schools deliver a sound education with Genelec

A trio of schools have upgraded their sound with the help of Genelec’s 4000 series loudspeakers. More than 200 Genelec 4010 and 4030 loudspeakers have been installed as part of technological upgrades in classrooms at Opinmäki, Lintuvaara and Karakallio schools in Espoo, Finland, delivering superior sound and oustanding reliability.

The team at office technology experts Perkko Oy oversaw the installation at the three schools. Tarja Karppinen of Perkko Oy says “The Genelec speakers sound great, they’re straightforward to install and we get great feedback from users. We had absolutely no problems with installation of the loudspeakers at the schools, and their reliability is terrific. We regularly recommend them to our clients, and we find that once people have heard Genelec, they do not want to go back to anything else!”

The loudspeakers have been installed in a variety of learning environments, with many pairs of loudspeakers placed either side of interactive whiteboards, forming a multimedia focal point. An often overlooked aspect of educational environments, Tarja argues that sound can play a key role in students’ learning. She added “Clear sound is very important in education, and particularly in music, media and language rooms. One area which we have noticed its importance is in language lessons when students are listening to a foreign language, and trying to discern subtle sounds. One example of this is the distinction between the German ‘s’ and ‘ss’ sounds. The precise sound of Genelec is absolutely ideal for this purpose, as well as for general everyday use.”

Tarja first began using Genelec loudspeakers in Perkko Oy’s work in 2010, having initially installed the 6010 series, and she has continued to recommend them.

The first time we used them, we found the sound was much better than the loudspeakers we used in previous installs. We have since installed between 200 and 300 Genelec loudspeakers every year, and the reliability of them has been outstanding. Speakers in schools receive heavy use, and the reliability of Genelec loudspeakers is a massive benefit, meaning that nobody has to go out and replace the speakers. Whilst there may be cheaper speakers available, with Genelec’s reliability we find that overall there is a considerable saving.”

The Genelec 4010, 4020, 4030 and 4040 are compact and powerful two-way active loudspeakers designed for indoor commercial and professional installations. All models contain an integrated amplification unit comprising an active electronic crossover, overload protection circuitry and two power amplifiers, one for each driver.

The models in the range feature the die-cast aluminium Minimum Diffraction Enclosure™(MDE™), with relatively large internal volumes; softly curved edges and outstanding mechanical strength. As a result, the imaging accuracy and low frequency extension with such a compact enclosure are truly astounding. The enclosure design also incorporates the advanced Directivity Control Waveguide™ (DCW™) for the treble driver, providing an amazingly smooth on and off axis response and a long, curved reflex port ending in a wide flare for excellent bass articulation. Both drivers are protected by sturdy metal grilles.


School 1:  Opinmäki Campus

Genelec 4010 x 120  

School 2:  Lintuvaara school 

Genelec 4010 x 62 

Genelec 4030 x 6

School 3: Karakallio school

Genelec 4010 x 56

Genelec 4030 x 2

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