Sixteen cities experience #GenelecMoments with summer roadshow

Offering a unique opportunity to thousands of visitors in Finland and Sweden, the Genelec Moments roadshow arrived in no fewer than 16 cities between August and September 2018.

Attendees were able to experience the higher SPL and longer listening distance of the newly-launched S360, which was making its Nordic debut. Also introduced was Genelec’s new flagship subwoofer, the 7382, comprising three 15-inch woofers. The subwoofer formed the low-end backbone of an immersive 7.1.4 setup, including three S360 speakers in the left, centre, right positions, four 8341 enclosures from The Ones range deployed as surround speakers and a further four 8331 monitors flown as a top layer.

The whole configuration was calibrated using Genelec Loudspeaker Manager (GLM) to ensure an optimised listening environment within the acoustically imperfect environment of the roadshow truck. Better still – in addition to the immersive format, stereo pairs of 8331 and 8341 were also demonstrated with the 7382 in the same environment.

Meanwhile, home audio enthusiasts were treated to a lounge-style demonstration including an audio streaming device connected to a pair of G Three loudspeakers and an F Two subwoofer. The same solution can be connected to a television to deliver premium home entertainment with high quality audio, all controllable via your mobile phone.

Finally, AV systems integrators were invited to visit the truck’s own meeting room, which was fully installed with 4000 series speakers in 10 different colours.

As in 2017, the Genelec Moments tour was once again supported by our Finnish partner, msonic, who supplied an AVID Pro Tools/S6 environment for the truck, as well as a Dolby Atmos renderer plugin to create a real-world immersive production environment.

Solja Nieminen and Ossi Männikkö from msonic. 

With the roadshow having now been declared a tremendous success, we would like to thank all of our visitors. We hope to see you all again soon at our upcoming Genelec events and in your local dealers. 

Some of our staff: Markku Syrjäpalo, Mikko Tuomi and Henri Ulmanen (Genelec) Solja Nieminen (msonic) and Pasi Pönkkä (Genelec).