SAM™ Coaxial Studio Monitors

These gracious monitors don’t look like the powerful three-ways they are, but your ears will never have heard anything like them.

Traditional loudspeakers have displaced drivers that generate crossover colouration off-axis – forcing a critical listener to sit at a specific spot, not moving the head. A point source monitor has therefore long been regarded the holy grail of loudspeaker design. However, if not properly designed, point source came with disadvantages; for instance limited frequency range, low SPL, uneven dispersion or discontinuities causing distortion, to name a few. The Ones are uncompromised 3-way point source monitors that not only promote faster and more consistent production decision making, but also longer listening time than a traditional loudspeaker, because unnatural imaging, a main contributor to listener fatigue, is minimized. Dispersion is controlled over an unusually wide frequency range thanks to the large integrated waveguide and the hidden dual woofer design. Because loudspeakers change spectral balance depending on placement in a room, they should be calibrated after positioning. To do so, just connect a Mac or a PC running Genelec's GLM application to any of these advanced SAM monitors. GLM contains an expert algorithm, built on decades’ worth of data, and facilitates true reference listening under previously intolerable conditions.

For all applications calling for precision imaging, extended frequency response, short to medium listening distance or long, fatigue-free working hours, these compact three-way monitors are in an elite league of their own.

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