Genelec Lounge Returns To Superbooth Show

May 9 – 11
FEZ-Berlin, Straße zum FEZ 2, 12459  

With pristine imaging, extended  frequency response, a wide sweet spot, high SPL and bulletproof reliability, Genelec monitors have been  friends to  the electronic musician  for over 40 years.

And what better place to celebrate this wonderful union than Berlin, the spiritual home of electronic music?

Berlin’s Superbooth show is the brainchild of the charismatic Andreas Schneider, founder of German synth emporium  SchneidersLaden, and in just four years has become a major event on the global trade fair calendar. A mecca for anyone involved in the creation of electronic music, it’s one of the most relaxed, hands-on, enjoyable, noisy, and utterly bonkers shows that we’ve been involved in!

This year we occupied the same Genelec Lounge as last May, but tweaked the room schedule a little so as to have more synth performances, and offer a daily workshop on room acoustics - where we could give electronic musicians some guidance on how to get the best possible results from their studio space.

As a result, visitors to the Lounge were able to learn from our own Markus Kahelin about how to set up and treat their room, how to choose the correct type of studio monitor, where to place them, and why subsequent calibration of their monitors is so important. After learning how to optimise their recording space, visitors were then able to audition all three models from  The Ones series, plus  the S360 high-SPL two-way monitors - with and without  the 7380 subwoofer.

And since the Genelec Lounge is located in a room that is designed as a Puppet Theatre (yes, really!), and not a recording space, our  GLM calibration software was essential in taming some of the more challenging aspects of the acoustic environment in there...

Leonard de Leonard from Roland performing in the Genelec Lounge.

But so much of Superbooth is about hands-on, tactile music-making, so we were keen to showcase how well Genelec active monitors are able to handle the demands of live electronic music, provided by a fine group of synth performers. So each day of the show guests were able to enjoy two live sets, courtesy of Bana Haffar and Mario Hammer & The Lonely Robot from Moog, Cenk Sayinli (aka Dataline) from Elektron, Jean-Baptiste Arthus from Arturia, plus Leonard de Leonard and David Åhlund from Roland. The S360 and 7380 high-SPL combination was the ideal choice to fill the 70-seat space for these performances, combining power with studio-quality precision.

Cenk Sayinli (aka Dataline) from Elektron.

Jean-Baptiste Arthus from Arturia.

Just before the final performance of each day, we were delighted to be able to give away a pair of our  8020Ds to lucky prize draw winners Ilan Schulz, Gareth Johnston and Árni Guðmundsson – to all three winners, we hope you enjoy your new babies.

Thanks to everyone that came, learnt, listened and chatted. And if it sometimes got a little hot and sweaty in the Lounge, we hope that the cold drinks helped a little!

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