Tonmeistertagung Köln 2018

November 14 - 17
Congress-Centrum Nord Koelnmesse/ KölnKongress Deutz-Mülheimer-Straße 111

Join Genelec at the 30th Tonmeistertagung, Germany’s most distinguished professional audio event.

In conjunction with our local German distribution partner Audio Export on Booth 2-03, we’ll be showcasing our new high-SPL models - the S360 two way monitor and the 7382 subwoofer - alongside The Ones, our award-winning three-way compact coaxial monitors.

Visitors to our spacious listening room right next door can hear the S360, 8351 and 7382 models performing in 7.1.4 immersive audio mode in a rolling demo program that features high quality music and movie content, and additionally we’ll be hosting a series of workshops with some top industry professionals:

Wednesday 14th November 15:00-16:00

Stefan Zaradic and Stefan Bock

"Producing Immersive Audio Formats - The Future of Sound, Created Today"

Stefan Zaradic and Stefan Bock are directors of the Immersive Audio Network, a manufacturer-independent association of leading connoisseurs and experts in the field of immersive productions.

Their workshop will provide insights into the challenges of recording and post-production of immersive live productions, with a focus on the optimisation of the entire production process and transfer to end-user formats including Dolby Atmos, DTS-X, Auro 3D - and their binauralisation. Not to be missed.

Thursday 15th November 15:00-16:00

Florian Camerer

“An Expert Guide to Immersive Recording”

Florian Camerer from ORF in Vienna is one of Europe’s finest audio engineers, and as chairman of EBU PLOUD he is also responsible for the development of international standards supporting sonic integrity, from mono to immersive. 

In this fascinating session, Florian will be giving us detailed insight into his techniques for recording immersive material - including microphone choice and placement - illustrated with some of his very fine recordings.

Friday 16th November 12:00 – 13:00

Tom Ammermann

“Mixing in 3D: The Techniques and the Tools”

Grammy-nominated Tom Ammermann has gained an enviable reputation as an immersive audio and music producer, while also developing new technologies in spatial audio.

Tom will be showcasing some of his finest 3D productions, offering insights into his mixing strategies, approaches and tools. With content from the world of film, music and gaming, this promises to be a really enjoyable workshop, and Tom is ready to take your questions.

Genelec is always proud to be involved in the technical program at Tonmeistertagung, and this year our own Thomas Lund and Aki Mäkivirta will be participating in the following sessions:

Nov 14th 16:30 to 18:00 PE-1-1  Roundtable Discussion: "Circles of Confusion in Pro Audio"

Thomas Lund chairs this discussion of baseline listening requirements for in-room and headphone spectral balance and level that stand the test of time, and will help prevent legacy recordings sounding dated for no good reason.

Nov 15th 09:00 to 09:30 PE-2-1  Paper Session: "On Human Perceptual Bandwidth and Slow Listening”

Thomas Lund and Aki Mäkivirta examine how via our five primary senses, the human brain receives just a fraction of the available information in the world, and perceives only small proportion of this. How does this affect subjective listening in the world of pro audio?

Nov 16th 15:30 to 16:00 AC-2-2  Paper Session: “Is single microphone position enough for immersive system equalization and level calibration in production monitoring?”

Aki Mäkivirta and Thomas Lund discuss the importance of using multiple measurement microphone positions when performing in-room frequency response calibration and system alignment of immersive audio monitoring systems.

Nov 16th 18:30 to 19:00 RD-1-4  Paper Session: "European Requirements for Sound Exposure in Personal Audio”

Thomas Lund explains current EU and IEC safety requirements for personal music players, and the work that the WHO have been undertaking in this area. Finally he asks if the prevention of hearing loss is a reasonable obligation for companies in the business of placing transducers inside or around peoples' ears?

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