A truly Finnish finish for the ANGRY BIRDS

Angry BirdsTo describe Angry Birds as a mobile app phenomenon is an understatement. With over 250 million downloads and counting the games spreads its net ever wider. The brain child of Rovio Mobile, Angry Birds was developed near Helsinki and used another top Finnish brand to perfect the sounds for the game - Genelec.

“They’re a great Finnish games company and we’re a great Finnish speaker company, so it’s brilliant to be able to co-operate,” says Mika Makilaakso, Genelec’s Sales Manager in Finland. The need to create the perfect audio soundtrack for the game required Rovio to invest heavily in Genelec monitors at its headquarters in Helsinki. In fact, Genelec speakers have been installed into every room at the company’s new offices.

Rovio opted for Genelec 8020B and 8040A active monitors which have been arranged in both stereo and surround configurations. “When we got the first sound working on Angry Birds, it was a magical moment,” says Niklas Hed, Chief Operating Officer of Rovio Mobile. “Sound is so important to creating a virtual world. Now, when we’re working or showing stuff to visitors we’re not playing the audio on TV speakers but through the Genelec setups instead. We wanted that association with quality which is what Genelec provides.”

Genelec monitoring systems are popular with musicians from a vast spectrum of genres from house DJs to stadium rockers and are equally popular in environments such as retail spaces and art galleries and it is the clarity of sound which Rovio appreciated as the best way to showcase its audio.

“There is some irony in these being games,” says Hed as he discusses the suggestion of overkill. “However, when we first played Angry Birds through the Genelecs we were amazed how good it sounded. It’s not strictly about audio creation but about being able to show off their work in the highest quality to anyone who sets foot in their building.”

The compact Genelec 8020B Active 2-way monitoring loudspeaker has been designed for monitoring in difficult listening environments, particularly those compromised by lack of space. However, size is no handicap to performance as the 8020A two-way active monitoring system incorporates Genelec's acoustic design innovations to minimise all forms of distortion.
The 8020B has a die-cast aluminium Minimum Diffraction Enclosure (MDE™), which features relatively large internal volumes, softly curved edges and outstanding mechanical strength. As a result, the imaging accuracy and low frequency extension with such a compact enclosure are truly astounding.

Boasting performance comparable to much larger systems, but in a compact package, the bi-amplified 8040A monitoring loudspeaker is ideal for use in many situations where a wide frequency response is needed but space is limited. Uses include nearfield monitoring, project/home studios, workstations, broadcast and TC control rooms and mobile production vehicles.

The ingenious, flow optimised, reflex port achieves clear deep bass articulation with no compression or port noises. Combined with the advanced Genelec Directivity Control Waveguide™ (DCW™) and the rounded edges and gently curved front and sides of the MDE™ (Minimum Diffraction Enclosure™) enclosure, the result is an astoundingly wide, flat frequency response both on and off axis. Other benefits include superb imaging qualities and less listening fatigue.

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Story originally published in Audio Media Games Supplement, www.audiomedia.com