Tune-in for G•Connect - Dangerous Decibels

June 6th, 20:00 Central European Summertime

Tune-in for G•Connect

For a discussion of Dangerous Decibels, join the next Genelec Connect streaming event. G•Connect offers insights and discussions of topics relevant to production of music, games, podcast, broadcast and film. Focus is factual rather than commercial, interaction rather than one-way, global rather than local. G•Connect starts with a tech talk in English after which we answer questions or comments from live attendees.

Dangerous Decibels

6 June, 20:00 Central European Summertime (BST 19:00/CEST 20:00/EEST 21:00)

G•Connect event for audio professionals and musicians on prevention of listener fatigue and preservation of hearing. The latest medical research is compared to how we work and listen in professional audio. Guidelines and advice for sound listening habits are given, and your comments or questions are much encouraged. Genelec host: Thomas Lund.

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