Wild Lab - Environmental Sound Recording Masterclass, Australia

December 15 - 19
Kosciuszko National Park
Wagga Wagga

The Wired Lab presents leading field recordists and sound artists Douglas Quin (USA) and David Burraston as part of The Wild Lab 2018 in the Kosciuszko National Park wilderness area.

Held in the wilderness areas of Kosciuszko National Park this four-day intensive field recording masterclass explores audio documentation in a range of natural habitats via various recording techniques and technologies, through to the application of these sounds in fields spanning the arts, film/screen, environmental sciences, museum installation, gaming, music and sound design.

Co-facilitating the workshop will be David Burraston, 2017 Create NSW Fellow and a founding member of The Wired Lab.


Masterclass participants will develop and hone skills in the areas of:

  • Field recording in a range of environments, from caves to the various bush, plain and alpine habitats within Kosciuszko National Park.
  • Technical operation of various location recording equipment in day and night time conditions.
  • Microphone techniques with contact microphones, hydrophones and parabolic reflectors.
  • Acoustic monitoring techniques for environmental science research.
  • Spatial audio recording techniques with spaced stereo microphones, surround sound arrays. Along with Ambisonic techniques using SoundField SPS200, Schoeps cardioid pair and Sennheiser mid-side (M/S) systems. We also have sponsorship from SoundField, who will be providing us with additional Ambisonic microphones.
  • Decoding techniques.
  • Exploration and demonstration of surround sound playback and multi-channel systems

Who should attend?

Anyone curious about or actively engaged in sound and field recording, spanning the arts, film/screen, environmental sciences, gaming, VR, music and sound design industries. Previous experience or study in these fields is desirable. This Masterclass is not a workshop for beginners.

Registration and more information at wiredlab.org