GLM software

GLM Software

GLM™ Genelec Loudspeaker Manager™ with AutoCal™ for PC and Mac

The GLM™ Genelec Loudspeaker Manager is a loudspeaker control networking system that offers capability to control all system parameters as well as the possibility for detailed acoustical alignment of every loudspeaker in the system.

The GLM™ software and control network enhances further the performance of the 8200 series loudspeakers and 7200 series subwoofers. It features adjustment of levels, distance delays and flexible room response improvement equalization as well as Symmetrical Placement EQ™ with the reliable and robust AutoCal™ automated calibration system via the GLM™ control network.

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GLM SAM Loudspeaker Manager Package

The basic GLM package features the GLM software CD including AutoCal™, a System Operating Manual, a GLM Quick Connection Guide, the GLM Network Interface with a built-in calibration microphone amplifier, USB cable, Genelec 8200A Measurement Microphone, a microphone holder and a measurement signal cable with 3.5 mm stereo plugs. Genelec AutoCal™ provides the GLM with a fully automated multi-loudspeaker system acoustical calibration capability.

GLM SAM Multiroom Expansion Package

The GLM software is sold with a site-license permitting installation into multiple rooms. The GLM SAM Multiroom Expansion Package delivers a GLM Network Interface, USB cable and Network cable for installation into one additional room. Each additional room needs a multiroom expansion pack.

To learn more about Genelec SAM Monitoring Systems and GLM, see also our DSP FAQ pages.

TEC winner 07

The GLM software is a TEC (Technical Excellence & Creativity) 2007 award winner in the category Studio Monitor Technology.