Warranty and Product Lifetime

Genelec products are widely known for their reliability and long lifetime. For decades we have been building long lasting solutions for audio professionals starting from the first S30 model in 1978.

Today we still receive requests for repairs and spare parts for products manufactured in the beginning of the 1980’s – and we are able to service most of them. We carry a substantial spare part inventory for all the models manufactured during the company’s long history.

Spare part availability is guaranteed for many years (minimum 5 years) after the production has been discontinued. In all cases, we will always provide service as long as we are able to source the appropriate spare parts.

Warranty Terms

All Genelec products are supplied with a minimum 2 years warranty from the date of purchase against manufacturing faults or defects that might alter the performance of the products. During that time Genelec and its distributors will cover warranty service labour cost and spare parts.

From the 1st of January 2015, as a part of Genelec sustainability program, we provide, for all our registered products (proof of purchase is mandatory), an extended warranty period of 3 years, in addition to the normal 2 years warranty terms. During this extended period Genelec and its distributors will cover spare parts free of charge. Normal labour cost will be charged.

To be eligible for this total warranty period of 5 years, each product should be registered on our Community.

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