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MyGenelec is a single unified access point for all Genelec products, services, software downloads and more. Over time, it will develop into a comprehensive community and knowledge base intended for the entire global community of Genelec users.

Currently, the MyGenelec portal provides customers with a convenient registration point for all Genelec services – both hardware and software-based – and allows access to personal product information, subscription details, software downloads, documentation and 'Rooms’, a handy feature allowing product information to be organised by install location.

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Previous Genelec Community and Product Registration account holders: Please be aware that your existing product information and warranty data have now moved over to MyGenelec and, although MyGenelec uses your existing email and username for login, you will need to do a simple password reset. This will ensure your data is thoroughly protected in our new system. To begin, please follow the button link above and click 'Forgot Password?'. Fill in your email address and we will email you instructions and a link for setting up your new password. In case you have any problems, please contact our customer support at

Key benefits of joining MyGenelec

• Register products on MyGenelec to take advantage of our extended 5 year parts-and-labour warranty.
• Securely keep track of your products and their location.
• Gain simple access to all Genelec services, software and downloads.
• Access and share knowledge, information and experiences on our professional audio discussion boards.
• Receive targeted news, services and offers according to your own preferences.

What is coming?

• Updated functions, materials and content – providing a suite of resources to inspire your personal journey with sound!

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