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Customer Support

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Business Managers

Thomas Lund - Acting Business Manager, Professional Audio Monitoring

Tomi Hassinen - Home Audio

Sami Mäkinen - AV Installation

Sales Department and Accounts Managers

Mikko Tuomi - Sales Director (Nordics)

Ole Jensen - Sales Director (International)

Lisa Kaufmann - USA

Jack Wu - China

Michael Bohlin - Western Europe

Andy Bensley - United Kingdom

Eric Horstmann - DACH

Ken Kimura - Asia-Pacific

Jukka Latva-Hakuni - Eastern Europe and Russia, Africa (excluding South-Africa)

Clifford Pereira - Middle-East, South-Africa and Indian Subcontinent

Arun Kumar - AV & Home Segments Asia and the Middle East

Miguel Dominguez - Latin America

Henri Ulmanen - Finland

Markku Syrjäpalo - Finland

Pasi Pönkkä - Finland

Patrick Lundin - Sweden

Erik Skanderbeck - Sweden

Jonas Olsen - Denmark


Genelec Sweden

Tureholmsvägen 12
125 35 Älvsjö

Sales and distribution contacts in Sweden

Genelec Inc. / U.S.A.

7 Tech Circle, Natick,
Massachusetts MA 01760, U.S.A.

T +1 508 652 0900
F +1 508 652 0909

E genelec.usa (at genelec dot com)

Sales and distribution contacts in the U.S.A.

Beijing Genelec Audio / China

Room 101, Building B33,
Universal Business Park,
No.10 Jiuxianqiao Road,
Chaoyang District,
100015 Beijing, China

T +86 10 5823 2014
T +86 400 700 1978

E genelec.china (at genelec dot com)

Sales and distribution contacts in China

Genelec Japan Inc.

2-22-21 Akasaka, Minato-ku
07-0052, Tokyo

T +81-3-6441-0591

E genelec.japan (at genelec dot com)

Sales and distribution contacts in Japan

Factory and Headquarters

Genelec Oy
Olvitie 5,
FI-74100 Iisalmi, Finland
T +358 17 83 881
F +358 17 812267