About Us

We’re delighted that you’ve come to learn more about our innovative and sustainably-minded company, which is built on a foundation of respect and pure passion for truthful sound. Here you’ll find our history, our values and what makes us tick.

We’re delighted that you’ve come to learn more about our innovative and sustainably-minded company, which is built on a foundation of respect and pure passion for truthful sound. Here you’ll find our history, our values and what makes us tick.


Our mission is to help our customers fulfill their dreams by offering them the most truthful sound reproduction possible.


Our vision is to be the most desired brand in Professional Audio Monitoring and in selected quality-conscious niche markets.


Our values include Belief, Enthusiasm, Honesty, Respect and Justice.


Our company's worldview is based on our vision, mission, and values.

Since the birth of the company, Genelec has created monitoring tools for audio professionals, and this is the core of our mission. Our purpose is to listen to our customers, understand their problems, and solve these problems in collaboration with them.

We have a long tradition of researching and developing new solutions and technologies for the most demanding customers in the world. It is important for Genelec to build long-term relationships based on deep trust with our customers, partners and stakeholders.

The quality of our solutions has always been extremely important to us, and that is why our designs last for decades. We are still able to service even our oldest models, thus ensuring that they will continue to perform and bring joy to their users for many years to come.

Iisalmi, Finland

Genelec's brand is based on our Finnish identity, but at the same time we are deeply international in our outlook. Our factory’s scenic location in Iisalmi, on the shores of Lake Porovesi, is a key part of the company's identity and virtue.

Nature, and proximity to nature, have always been important to the people at Genelec, and we have always manufactured our designs in Iisalmi. There are two important reasons for this: firstly, the proximity of the production and R&D departments enables us to maintain quality and keep our promises. Secondly, our company is part of the wider society which can inspire people globally, and we want to make a constructive impact on the community around us and contribute to its well-being and vitality.


Quality is at the heart of Genelec's philosophy and operations. This quality is built into our operating methods and the demanding benchmarks we set for our production standards and our partners. Our products and systems are designed and manufactured to perform reliably even in challenging environments, and are regularly in daily use for decades.

At Genelec, quality means that our technology is carefully designed to meet user requirements and is manufactured and delivered to the customer flawlessly. Every finished product design has been individually tested and measured to ensure quality.

Our total quality approach means that we continuously improve our processes, technology, capabilities, and consideration for the environment. This ongoing development is part of our day-to-day operations, and we believe that this will help us succeed in the long term and promote sustainable growth.

We are committed to continuously improving the quality of both our designs and our operations. We are an ISO 9001 certified company, adhering to the latest 2015 version of the standard.

We maintain our levels of quality by continuous learning and policy development. As a company we promise to always deliver quality, taking pride in everything we do.

Ultimately, the quality of our designs is formed in people’s hearts and minds, based on their own user experience.


The design of Genelec technology reflects our company's values, and the purpose of our designs has always been to improve sonic performance, while creating a distinct visual identity.

Innovative design is a key part of our product development and has led to the introduction of many of our key technologies.

The design of our family of models strives to combine both technical and artistic design, by providing the best possible performance and aesthetic pleasure. Our design aesthetic expresses how art is present in our work, and how our solutions represent the beauty and harmony of life and nature.

We Deliver

Our operations are straightforward and transparent, and we always operate in accordance with our values.

It is important that whenever we make a promise, we always deliver it – be it a marketing message, a customer contact, or a product experience.

Our key promise is to provide audio professionals with the best and most truthful sound reproduction possible, so that they can constantly improve the quality of their work. For those that listen purely for pleasure, we want to provide the best possible experience by reproducing every detail of the material – exactly as the creators intended it to be heard. We want our customers to experience quality, trust, and fulfilment – and to feel ‘present’ in the material they hear: this is something we can never compromise on.

We avoid promising what we know we cannot deliver, and we are always open and honest about what we can realistically achieve.

Expert Professionals

Genelec’s core business is designing and producing technologies and services for professionals who are experts in audio production. For these demanding professionals, the quality, precision and reliability of their tools are vitally important.

Our employees are also highly skilled professionals in their field, and their competence and professionalism are the basis of Genelec's innovation, operation, and its future.

Genelec's operations have always been based on science, awareness, and expertise. Education and continuous learning are important parts of our operation and communication, and we want to help our customers understand why our designs employ certain solutions. We believe that sharing information helps customers make decisions based on both scientific facts and emotional reasons.


Sustainable development has always been a core principle of our company and we consider it as important as profitability and sound quality. This means that the environmental, social, and economic impact of every decision are taken into account as a whole.

We design our products and manufacturing processes to minimise their environmental footprint, and we utilise sustainable development methods.

We comply with environmental legislation and take our responsibility as a corporate citizen seriously. The conservation of natural resources, the efficient use of materials and electricity, and the longevity of our designs are all very important to us.

We believe that our commitment to sustainability starts with each individual, and Genelec's management continuously supports this commitment at company level. As an organisation, we follow these principles every single day.

Our certification for ISO 14001 environmental standards, along with individual product certifications, indicates that Genelec is committed to meeting international standards, which are regularly monitored by highly respected independent bodies.


Genelec is a unique company in many ways, and we want to demonstrate this throughout the customer relationship. We firmly believe in providing the most premium experience possible for our customers. To do this, we must firstly take pride in our own work, and then treat others with the same respect that we ourselves would like to be shown.

The Genelec brand is evolved on our core values and is the company’s single most important asset – therefore, it is everyone's responsibility to take care of it.

Technology Leadership

Throughout our existence, Genelec has led the technological development of active monitoring systems - and our goal has always been to achieve neutral and truthful sound quality.

This requires continuous technological research and innovation, and a deep commitment to science and design principles. Our aim is always to develop the best possible solutions that truly help our customer, and this involves being true to our mission and challenging ourselves at the same time.

The starting point for any new design is to understand our customer's problems, and then find a way to solve them. New innovations rely on consistent research into both science and new technologies and understanding how markets and people function. Harnessing technology to serve the needs of our users and the well-being of society is at the heart of everything we do. Enabling continuous learning, identifying abilities, supporting each other and working together is essential for both technological innovation and value creation for the customer.

Listen to Our Sonic Identity

This short musical piece is Genelec’s special Sonic Identity track, which was created in conjunction with our partners at Sixième Son. The track’s 7/4 time signature reflects the seven letters of our company name, with one beat for each letter per bar.