People And Society

People and Society

We believe that the people within our organisation are our biggest asset. They make us versatile, create a huge diversification of skills and creativity, and promote innovation.

To foster diversity and inclusion at Genelec, we treat everyone with dignity - and we’re committed to respecting each and every employee’s human rights.

To bring more diversity to our recruitment procedure, we’ve been trialling a ‘blind’ hiring process, where job applications are reviewed without the applicant’s personal details being visible. While this process is not applied to every single position, our aim is to utilise it whenever possible. We also understand that disability or illness can affect an employee’s ability to work, so we’re always open to offering opportunities to work flexibly or part-time, depending on the employee’s personal situation.

Additionally, employees with sensory or other disabilities are warmly welcomed at Genelec since it further promotes diversity and increases the meaningfulness in our company culture.

*All employee data below relates to the year 2022.

Employee Age Distribution (Genelec Oy and subsidiaries)

We have a broad distribution of ages within the workforce, providing a rich combination of youth and experience.*
(Data in years / percentage).

Employee Gender Balance (Genelec Oy and subsidiaries)

Gender equality is important to us, and you'll find women on our board, directing our Finance, Production and HR departments, running our US subsidiary, and working in key positions at our Beijing office. The data here is based on our employees’ self-defined gender.*

Employee Length of Service (Genelec Oy and subsidiaries)

We have a very stable workforce, and we're proud that over a third of our team have been with us for 10 years or more.*
(Data in years / percentage).

Employee Location by Region (Genelec Oy and subsidiaries)

Maintaining a direct connection with local customers in key markets is crucial to us, so we've steadily built a network of subsidiaries and regional business managers across 10 countries.*

Cultivating Innovation and Learning

Encouraging all our employees to help develop the company together is a cornerstone of our culture, since we have a long history of nurturing innovation within our work community.

We’ve found that a great way of implementing this is via an ongoing employee initiative program and a regular Idea Cup, where any employee can propose and share their ideas with the entire company. Over the years, these activities have generated some fantastically clever ideas that have really helped us to continually grow and innovate.

production Vilma

Continued learning and professional development is strongly encouraged within the entire company, and for our factory employees specifically, we provide the opportunity to rotate jobs. This is invaluable for providing a wider employee experience, adding variety and interest, helping to develop new skills - and ensuring that each employee is matched with a fulfilling and enjoyable role.


As a company, we’re inextricably linked with the community, and so developing links with external organisations and the wider society is crucial. Nowhere is this more important than in the arts, education and training.

We're proud supporters of the Kuopio Dance Festival, the largest and most versatile annual contemporary dance event in the Nordics. This event brings international dance art to Finland every year, promoting cultural diversity and helping to support our local artistic community.

In the academic sector, our long collaboration with Helsinki’s Aalto University has generated a constant flow of ideas that feed into our research & development programs, helping us to explore areas that just wouldn’t be possible without external expertise.

In the world of music education, we’ve been a proud sponsor of the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus, which helps develop young talent and regularly provides free digital media production workshops to schools across the US and Canada.

The Lennon Bus USA
The John Lennon Bus on the road in the US.

We also support organisations such as The Music Works in the UK, who specialise in working with young people facing barriers in music, in learning and in life. By engaging with young people through making music, they build confidence, self-belief and motivation - therefore empowering them to improve their life chances.

music works
The Music Works, Gloucester, UK. Photo credit: Lasalo Elia Photography.

Lastly, our own passion for education has led to the formation of the G LearningLab and G SongLab initiatives.

GSongLab helsinki web
G SongLab Workshop in Helsinki.

G LearningLab is our online portal that provides engineers and creatives with a wide range of educational resources, to enable them to learn more about the technologies and practices that shape the modern audio world. Developed in collaboration with experienced music educators, our G SongLab community is designed for young people aged 13-28, allowing them to develop skills in songwriting and music creation within a safe and supportive environment.

Age Distribution (Oy and subsidiaries)

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Women working in Genelec (Gender distribution)

Duration of Employment (Oy and subsidiaries)

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