Genelec Smart IP helps turn disaster into success at Moesgaard Museum

MOMU recreates the drama of Vesuvius’s eruption with Genelec networked loudspeaker technology.

Genelec provides ‘mind-blowing’ sound for Ummet Ozcan

DJ, producer and sound designer Ummet Ozcan has built a hugely successful career, despite the acoustically challenging spaces he has often made music in. Now, thanks to the creation of his own private studio by renowned acoustician and studio designer Jan Morel, Ozcan finally has the ideal recording space - with a Genelec smart active monitoring system at its heart.

Pressure Cooker builds up steam with Genelec

Music and sound design house Pressure Cooker in Cape Town have standardised on Genelec throughout their new facility.

Genelec Smart IP helps deliver multisensory experience at Finnish music hall of fame

Helsinki's newest music entertainment venue relies on Genelec's latest networked loudspeaker technology to deliver superlative sound to music fans.

Genelec Remains Number One for Hardwell

“Hardwell wanted to have an environment where he was able to work 24 hours without any signs of fatigue,” recalled Morel. “It was a special project because it was a challenge to create the best possible producer’s studio for a number one DJ in a bedroom!"

Genelec Reveals Star Talent in Chinese ‘Performance Store’

A new concept store gives free rein to non-professional singers in a high quality environment.

Genelec Provides Muscle for SPR Athlete Factory

A powerful blend of Genelec products delivers exemplary audio performance at leading martial arts gym in Sweden.

Genelec Mingles With the Elite At PARK

Elite Gothenburg Hotel integrates Genelec 4000 Series for high quality restaurant sound and weekend DJ sets.