Music Studio

A pair of truly accurate studio monitors are arguably the most important pieces of equipment in any professional recording studio.

Telling the truth

Every single decision you make in the recording or mixing process involves your monitors telling you the absolute truth about what you’re hearing: otherwise it’s like trying to paint a picture while wearing sunglasses. Genelec monitors deliver a completely truthful reference, allowing you hear the finest details of every sound without any artificial colouration. What you hear is the real deal.

Free your creativity

Once you know you can trust your monitors, then artist, engineer and producer alike can all really focus on what’s important – the creative process. Genelec's legendary neutrality ensures that your monitors will never get in the way of making great records.

Challenges we can help you with

Getting your mixes to translate

Ever got a track sounding superb in your studio - only to find it falls down flat when you hear it on another system?

What you hear from any studio monitor is potentially hugely influenced by the room, so it’s easy to find your mixes sounding very different in other spaces. Our aim has always been to minimise the room’s negative influence on the sound you hear - through innovative driver, cabinet and electronic design.

Once you have carefully positioned our monitors, use the simple rear panel room correction switches - or the GLM calibration software of our smart active monitor range - to tailor your Genelecs for your individual space. Then you’ll start hearing more of your music, and less of your room.

Working in tight spaces

Over the years, studio spaces have generally shrunk in size and our range has similarly evolved to reflect the needs of the modern music recording studio.

While you may have the space and budget for wall-mounted full range monitors, it’s as likely that you’ll be working in a more compact room.

Happily, our range of studio monitors equips you for all eventualities, by delivering consistently neutral reproduction from our flagship 1236A, through our midfield models, to our smallest nearfield monitor: all delivering the high SPL, extended frequency response, low distortion and bulletproof reliability that you’ve come to depend on from Genelec.

Staying in the sweet spot

Many monitors will boast about their great on-axis response, but what’s harder to achieve is great performance off-axis.

Genelec monitors offer a wide, uncoloured listening area that enables you to make accurate decisions even when you are sitting outside the traditional narrow ‘sweet spot’ of other monitor designs.

This gives you the freedom to move around the mixing desk, reach for the outboard rack, and still be totally confident of what you’re hearing. So you’ll benefit from working faster, and with Genelec’s renowned lack of colouration you’ll be able to avoid listening fatigue, even on longer sessions.


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