Genelec Loudspeaker Manager

For over 15 years, GLM software has worked with our Smart Active Monitors to minimise the unwanted acoustic influences of your room and help your mixes sound great, everywhere. Among other new features, GLM 4.2 introduces the powerful new GRADE report, extending GLM's scope beyond ultra-precise system calibration, to in-depth room and system analysis.


Lost in translation?

If you’ve ever been frustrated that your mixes don’t translate well to other systems, it’s because your monitors and your room are interacting to produce a frequency response that's far from the neutral and smooth listening experience needed to create great mixes that sound consistently balanced, no matter where they're played back.

With its elegant user interface and host of valuable features compatible with Mac and Windows, GLM 4 will help you create an unrivalled and truthful sonic reference, allowing you to create better mixes in less time.

Unleash your creativity

GLM 4 software tightly integrates with the advanced internal DSP circuitry which our growing family of Genelec Smart Active Monitors and Subwoofers is equipped with. GLM 4’s reference microphone kit allows your acoustic environment to be analysed, after which GLM 4.2’s AutoCal 2 feature quickly optimises each monitor for level, distance delay, subwoofer crossover phase and room response equalisation, with the option for you to further fine tune the system to taste.

GLM 4.2 calibrates huge immersive monitoring systems, compact systems and ultra-nearfield systems alike. Its new Calibration Group ID and Subwoofer Group ID features further improve the calibration of monitors as symmetric groups and allow multiple subwoofers to work together in highly flexible arrangements. So whether you want to improve your listening experience in an already excellent room, or are working in more challenging, lively sounding spaces, GLM 4.2 is your friend, providing our most advanced and user-friendly system management and scalability to date - from stereo to immersive.

With the introduction of the GRADE report, those who'd like to get hands-on with room improvements or simply hand over detailed measurements to a professional acoustic engineer, can now use GLM 4 to create a complete analysis of their room and monitoring system performance. The report, which as an introductory offer is available free of charge until September 2023, provides specific observations and advice on any acoustical issues, helping you to fine tune the room’s acoustic treatment, adjust monitor and listener positions, optimise bass management and check compliance with ITU-R BS.1116 recommendations.

Total control

And that’s not all. Having optimised your monitoring system for your room and given you the opportunity to precisely evaluate further improvements, GLM acts as a powerful monitor controller – allowing you to switch between monitors, maintain accurate control of listening levels, and much more.

Created in conjunction with designer Harri Koskinen, GLM 4's inspired hexagonal user interface fuses clean, attractive aesthetics with a unique character that naturally grows and evolves with any expansion of your system. With its choice of 10 languages and both light and dark colour themes, GLM 4's UI is highly adaptable to your needs.

By introducing MIDI remote compatibility, GLM 4.2 creates a faster and smoother monitor-control experience with both DAWs and control surfaces, allowing external tactile command of key functions including playback volume level and the activation of mutes, volume presets, bass management and monitor groups.

Whether you’re a new Genelec user - or you’re an existing user who wants to upgrade to the latest version - GLM 4.2 can be downloaded for free here.

Get ready to network

Please note that to enable GLM software to integrate with your Smart Active Monitors, you’ll also need the Genelec network adaptor kit (8300-601) - which includes the GLM network adaptor, 8300A calibration microphone and microphone holder, 1.8 m USB cable and Quick Connection Guide. The network adaptor connects to your Mac or PC via the supplied USB cable, and to your monitors via a 5 metre CAT cable (which is supplied separately with each monitor).

GLM 4 can’t control ‘classic’ Genelec analogue monitors. If you’re using our standard active models, be sure to adjust their rear-panel DIP switches for a neutral frequency response after placement in the room. Full details can be found in every user manual.

Use GLM 4's calibration features to

- Automatically adjust in-room frequency response, distance delay and listening level.
- Adjust, personalise and store any automatic setting freely.
- Create and expand systems to suit all types of stereo, multi-channel or 3D immersive audio formats.
- Sample room responses in an unlimited number of microphone locations.
- Enjoy the benefits of consistent performance and accurate monitoring in any production environment.

Use GLM 4's monitor control features to

- Switch between multiple monitoring systems using the same DAW outputs.
- Activate solo, mute and standard calibrated listening levels.
- Engage bass management or entire system delay offsets.
- Switch between listening locations, including individual monitor time offsets.
- Manage and control more than 80 Genelec monitors and subwoofers.

Use GLM 4's GRADE report features to

- Create a complete analysis of your room and monitoring system performance in line with best practices, including ITU-R BS.1116 recommendations.
- See in-depth room and system measurements, including frequency response accuracy, early vs late sound at the listening position, time of flight accuracy and early reflection structure.
- Guide decision making for improvements to acoustic treatment, system positioning and bass management.
- Make simple improvements to your listening setup based on GRADE's accessible and intuitive acoustical advice.


System Components

System Components


Outstanding Technical Achievement

Production Essentials category,
37th annual NAMM TEC Awards

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What the Pros Say

Sylvia Massy

"With GLM, wherever I'm at, I know exactly what I'm hearing."

Maxe Axelsson

"I love GLM 4’s monitor control and SPL calibration features."

Marta Salogni

"Thanks to GLM, I’m now in a great place with my monitoring."

Emre Ramazanoglu

"GLM made everything come together. It's an utter lifesaver!"



Package contains:

Quick Connection Guide,
GLM™ Network Adapter,
USB cable,
Genelec 8300A Calibration microphone and holder for 3/8 in and 5/8 in thread.



Color options:

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