Smart Active Studio Monitors & Subwoofers

By working closely with our GLM calibration software, our Smart Active Monitors and Subwoofers will adapt to your room's acoustics to provide optimised performance - even in challenging spaces.

The Ones

8331A SAM™ Studio Monitor

Incredible three-way point source monitor with the footprint of a compact two-way. When space and precision is of the essence, nothing even comes close.

8341A SAM™ Studio Monitor

High headroom three-way with unbelievable imaging. The 8341A is the point source monitor with the perfect blend of size and performance.

8351B SAM™ Studio Monitor

A revolution in three-way monitor design, the 8351B boasts a unique look, compact size and a performance that has to be heard to be believed.

8361A SAM™ Studio Monitor

The new flagship of The Ones range, the 8361A offers the most advanced acoustic performance of any studio monitor on the planet.

W371A SAM™ Woofer System

An absolute revelation in low frequency performance. With the W371A, you can finally wave goodbye to the detrimental influences of your room on LF reproduction.

Smart Active 2-Way Monitors

8320A SAM™ Studio Monitor

Compact enough to fit into the tightest of spaces - yet intelligent enough to adapt to your recording environment - the 8320A is your entry point into the world of Smart Active Monitoring.

8330A SAM™ Studio Monitor

Combining precision, adaptability and a small footprint, the 8330A offers colour-free performance and powerful room compensation features.

8340A SAM™ Studio Monitor

Elevate the accuracy of your audio monitoring to a new level with the precision and adaptability of the 8340A Smart Active Monitor.

8350A SAM™ Studio Monitor

All the intelligence of Smart Active Monitoring in an extremely potent nearfield monitor. Introducing the Genelec 8350A.

8430A IP SAM™ Studio Monitor

The 8430A is the world’s first AoIP studio monitor, allowing reference-quality monitor performance to integrate directly into your IP workflow.

1032C SAM™ Studio Monitor

The 1032C is a high-SPL nearfield monitor that fuses the much-loved soffit-mountable styling of the iconic 1000 series with our latest Smart Active Monitoring technology.

Smart Active Subs & Woofer Systems

7350A SAM™ Studio Subwoofer

For powerful, intelligent low frequency performance in a compact package, the 7350A Smart Active subwoofer simply can’t be beaten.

7360A SAM™ Studio Subwoofer

Equipped for both stereo and multi-channel audio, the 7360A intelligently adapts to your space to deliver absolute accuracy at low frequencies.

7370A SAM™ Studio Subwoofer

Created to deliver superb definition, the 7370A subwoofer intelligently adapts to your acoustic space to provide controlled, uncoloured LF reproduction.

7380A SAM™ Studio Subwoofer

Delivering high SPL and extended LF response, the 7380A offers power, clarity and flexibility in equal measures.

7382A SAM™ Studio Subwoofer

With a frequency response down to 15 Hz, and a maximum SPL capability in excess of 130 dB, the 7382A is Genelec's most powerful subwoofer to date.

Main Monitors

S360 SAM™ Studio Monitor

The S360A delivers high SPL monitoring without compromising on predictability, speech intelligibility or sound quality.

1237A SAM™ Studio Monitor

Reveal the finest details of your mix with a master of the modern studio - the smart three-way 1237A.

1238A SAM™ Studio Monitor

Our largest three-way design, the 1238A adapts to your acoustic space to deliver high-SPL reference precision.

1238AC SAM™ Studio Monitor

Shaped by decades of engineering expertise and armed with the power of Smart Active Monitoring technology, the 1238AC is a centre channel monitor designed for the most demanding applications.

1238DF SAM™ Studio Monitor

The super-compact dimensions of the 1238DF allow it to partner with an accompanying subwoofer to deliver main monitor performance in rooms where space is at a real premium.

1234A SAM™ Studio Monitor

Built to exceed expectations at the highest levels, the 1234A smart active studio monitor is the trusted choice of professionals, with a feature set to match.

1234AC SAM™ Studio Monitor

The 1234AC is a smart main studio monitor for use in demanding film and post production work, where perf screen or hi-res LED displays are employed.

1236A SAM™ Studio Monitor

The flagship of our range. The intelligence of the 1236A is seamlessly integrated into the finest example of acoustic engineering yet produced in more than 40 years of Genelec history.