High-End Listening

No other high end speakers match Genelec’s ability to let you experience every detail and nuance of a musical performance, just as the artist intended you to hear it. With performance so precise and transparent, we’ll bring you much closer to the music.

Professional sound, at home

For over 40 years, top engineers and artists the world over have trusted the accuracy and clarity of Genelec speakers to help them make legendary records. Our range of home audio speakers offers exactly the same premium quality performance that our professional customers rely on - allowing you to enjoy the finest studio quality sound in your home.

Hear the music, not your room

A great hi-fi speaker is one that reproduces music truthfully, without colouring the sound: however, what you hear is always a combination of the original sound produced by the speaker, plus the acoustic properties of your listening room. All Genelec speakers are carefully designed to minimise the negative influences of your room, and we also provide extra room compensation features to help you further optimise your speakers for your home.

Challenges we can help you with

Difficult room acoustics

Few home owners will have the desire to tailor the acoustics of their listening room in the same way as a top music recording studio would.

However, at Genelec we’ve spent over four decades designing monitors that are as tolerant as possible of challenging room acoustics, and we go further than any other speaker brand in helping you to compensate for the negative influences of your room.

Some simple acoustic treatment and careful consideration of where to place the speakers is a really good start, but we then help to further minimise room effects by using a combination of cabinet, driver and electronic design to produce supremely uncoloured audio, both on and off-axis.

Then, by using our rear panel room compensation switches - or the GLM calibration software of our smart active speakers - you can further fine tune your speaker system to deliver neutral, truthful audio playback whatever your listening position.

Knowing when it sounds ‘right’

It's often easy to hear the difference when making adjustments to your listening setup, such as changing the listening position, speaker location or moving furniture.

But what's actually happening to the sound when you do this?

In a studio, the frequency response of the speaker system is tuned to be fairly flat and neutral, so that the engineer can produce mixes that they know will sound great on other well adjusted systems. But if your home audio system is being compromised by your room acoustics, what you hear could be far from what the artist intended.

Thankfully, we can help with this, since every Genelec speaker can adapt to your room and produce a flatter response in your home too. In particular, our smart active speakers integrate tightly with our GLM calibration software so you actually ‘see’ what your room is doing - and easily correct it, with plenty of options for further tailor the sound to suit your own tastes.

Deciding where to invest

There are many demands on your budget when it comes to high end audio, and sometimes it can be difficult to know where to prioritise to really hear the difference.

At Genelec we’ve tried to ease that dilemma by providing you with the highest quality speaker systems that feature fully optimised integral power amplifiers - thus removing the need for any external amplification and the cost, cabling and compatibility issues that can introduce. With Genelec you can be sure that every speaker and amplifier are designed to perfect complement eachother, for ultimate performance.

Then, it’s a question of choosing a good audio source and selecting the Genelec speakers that are right for your room - and that will depend on application, room size and listening distance.

And because we have such a wide range of speakers, from bookshelf models to large format speakers, you can be sure that each one shares the same Genelec family DNA without any compromises.

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