4430A Smart IP Installation Speaker

Looking for exceptional sound over IP? The 4430A offers power, audio and loudspeaker management via a single standard CAT cable, delivering unrivalled flexibility, cost-effectiveness and simplicity of installation.


104 dB

Accuracy of Frequency Response

± 1.5 dB (58 Hz - 20 kHz)

Frequency Response

45 Hz - 39 kHz (-6dB)

Driver Dimensions

130 mm Bass + 19 mm Treble

Amplifier Power

50W Bass (Class D) + 50W Treble (Class D)


H 285 x W 189 x D 178 mm, (view in inches)


5.1 kg / 11.2 lb


1 x RJ45 AES67 Input

1 x Euroblock Analog Input

Color options:

Power to the speaker

Combining class-leading sound quality with single cable convenience, the 4430A uses PoE to produce uncompromised SPL and acoustic performance, and is fully compatible with both Dante and open streaming standards such as AES67 and ST2110-30. Manufactured in Finland using certified sustainable methods, the 4430A will provide decades of reliable service.

Power to the installer

As part of the Smart IP family, the 4430A integrates tightly with our Smart IP Manager software – which allows installers to configure an almost unlimited number of rooms, zones, loudspeakers and audio channels, and includes device discovery, a versatile room EQ tool set, system organisation and status monitoring. After which, a public API command set allows the 4430A to be integrated into house automation systems for day to day use. Easy.

Key Technologies

Active Crossovers

Directivity Control Waveguide (DCW™) Technology

Intelligent Signal Sensing (ISS™) Technology

Minimum Diffraction Enclosure (MDE™) Technology

Optimized Amplifiers

Protection Circuitry

Reflex Port Design

Room Response Compensation

Versatile Mountings

Where to Buy?

To acquire AV installation speakers for your project, please contact your local distributor.



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