null Genelec Smart IP helps deliver multisensory experience at Finnish music hall of fame

Genelec Smart IP helps deliver multisensory experience at Finnish music hall of fame

Helsinki's newest music entertainment venue relies on Genelec's latest networked loudspeaker technology to deliver superlative sound to music fans.

The Finnish Music Hall of Fame is Helsinki’s most recent and innovative cultural landmark. Located in the newly redeveloped Pasila district of the Finnish capital, already noted for its vibrant street art, the museum is attracting visitors in droves thanks to the unique concepts that have been deployed to depict the history of Finnish music.

Genelec was approached from the outset to be a part of this exciting project, the design and installation of which was awarded to renowned Nordic AV integration specialists, Bright.

“Genelec is the world leading company in professional audio monitoring,” says Music Hall of Fame board member, Olli Ilmolahti. “We knew that Genelec has been researching and developing products over many decades and already has much experience in this field.

"We wanted to have the best of the best, so Genelec was the perfect choice."

As the Finnish Music Hall of Fame, we were not ready to make any compromises concerning the listening environment and sound quality. We wanted to have the best of the best, so Genelec was the perfect choice to be a part of the story of Finnish music throughout history.”

The new music museum offers a multisensory experience for all music lovers covering genres from three centuries - from symphonies to Finnish rap music to folk and heavy rock plus everything in between - made possible by utilising the newest technologies available. The aim was to provide an interactive museum experience at a whole new level, offering visitors the chance to experience full musical immersion and a dive into the textures of music. Virtual technology enables visitors to embark on spectacular musical journeys whilst modern sound technology permits them to explore the roles that various instruments and voices play in a symphony orchestra, a mixed choir and a military band. Visitors can make their voice heard by performing on Finland’s finest stages, from the Helsinki Music Centre to Olavinlinna Castle on a virtual karaoke tour, and much more besides.

Finnish Music Hall of Fame

Genelec’s new Smart IP platform was an absolutely key element in making all of this a reality. Genelec worked with Bright and various content creators to establish the optimum audio design for each space and each exhibit. Bright deployed 124 of Genelec’s new 4430A two-way, active installation loudspeakers throughout the museum - the first model to incorporate Genelec’s ground-breaking Smart IP technology. The Smart IP platform enables IP networking via both Dante and AES67, and derives power via both PoE and PoE+ Power-over-Ethernet formats. As well as receiving both power and audio-over-IP, the 4430’s rear panel CAT connector also allows access to Genelec’s Smart IP Manager – a sophisticated downloadable software tool running on Windows 10 that allows installers to configure an almost unlimited number of rooms, zones, speakers and audio channels, and includes device discovery, versatile room equalisation, system organisation and status monitoring. External control via third-party hardware, software or house automation is also possible.

“We were responsible for designing a digital experience system with the possibility to change exhibitions efficiently when required,” says Bright’s Head of Installation, Santtu Sipilä, who worked closely with Genelec throughout the design and installation process. “As this was the Finnish Music Hall of Fame, some extra attention was needed regarding the sound quality. We investigated several other music museums to ensure that our solution would deliver the best sound quality of them all.

The decision to use Genelec was clearly a determining factor in achieving that goal, and the possibility of using the new networked loudspeakers made it even easier. The Smart IP technology enables us to drive each loudspeaker independently, and that opens up a wealth of opportunities for immersive sound experiences.”

In order to ensure the best possible audio experience, particular attention was paid to the acoustics of the museum during the design stage: “Even the best loudspeakers are no good if the acoustics don’t work!” says Santtu with a smile. “We also had to pay careful attention to the network to be able to run perfectly synchronised sound and video at the same time. Again, the Smart IP platform played an important part in making this work successfully.”

The Board members are thrilled with the results, and customer feedback confirms the success of the project. “The Finnish Music Hall of Fame is full of technology - virtual reality and digital technology are used to convey music, video, audio, sound effects and live music. I strongly believe that the sound world and acoustics form the most important and memorable experience at the Music Museum from the customer’s point of view,” says Olli Ilmolahti. “Genelec´s new Smart IP technology was a perfect choice for us, offering a complete solution with the highest quality and flexibility which means savings in working time, maintenance and investment costs. We achieved everything we wanted and more, and the immersive sound world and listening environment in certain areas of the Fame Music Museum - as well as the neutral, transparent sound throughout - is something to be experienced. Customer feedback has been nothing but positive.”

Mikko Vanni, chairman of the board for the museum, agrees wholeheartedly. “We wanted to use the most advanced technology available, and all the technological solutions devised by Genelec and Bright have been successful. We have been able to leverage this by informing the media and our main target groups that we have a very advanced Genelec solution (including an immersive voice system) combined with other sophisticated technology, which has given added value to the content credibility of the museum. We think that the Genelec system is amazing - the vocal reproduction throughout the venue is truly special. We set out to achieve a level above what is already out there, and we’ve done it. We’re delighted with the results.”

Genelec Smart IP helps deliver multisensory experience at Finnish Music Hall of Fame

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