Venues need to be welcoming. From interior decor to sound design, each element creates a lasting impression. Sound is one area where choosing the right solution can have a huge effect.

Exceptional customer experience

Keeping the customer happy, comfortable and relaxed requires careful consideration. Our speakers combine premium audio with beautiful aesthetics, raising the quality of the whole experience. Need custom colours to match the decor? You’ll find our 4000 Series offers 120 custom colours, adding the perfect finishing touch to the ambience of any venue.

High quality audio for every room

Every Genelec speaker is designed for superior audio quality, easy specification and simple installation. What about different environments? Different venues playing differents styles of music? To meet these requirements our speakers are flexible and reliable, featuring integrated amplifiers and crossovers plus the added benefit of Room Response Controls. This means that any speaker can be tailored to any room - regardless of its size or shape - so even demanding spaces will have clear and rich audio.

Challenges we can help you with


In a restaurant, music can make all the difference to the overall atmosphere, and it should be unobtrusive yet easy to hear. When the sound is perfectly suited for the space, there is no need to strain the ears.

First and lasting impressions make all the difference. Design, decor, tastes, smells and sounds all work together to form an opinion in customers’ minds. People visit restaurants for more than just a meal - they come to celebrate special occasions and escape the stresses of daily life.

Our 4000 Series and Architectural Series speakers provide precise room response controls to optimise the loudspeakers for any restaurant environment. Whether the clientele is whispering or laughing, Genelec speakers ensure that the background music is always crystal clear.


In a hotel, music is more than just a background to the busy comings and goings of the lobby. It can provide a sense of calm, and set the scene for the rest of the space.

Our speakers are designed to provide pristine audio for guests both arriving and leaving, creating a relaxing welcome or one last moment of peace and respite before they return to their busy everyday lives. Sounds to stimulate the senses, but never intrude.

With Genelec, you can always rely on your function and meeting rooms to help deliver enjoyment or productivity, whatever the occasion. For receptions, business meetings, or any other event, having a speaker system that produces clear and detailed audio - with 24/7 reliability built-in, is peace of mind worth having.

Bars and lounges

Audio design for a lounge or bar is a unique challenge. Each space differs - from size and shape, to acoustic environment and style of music. A premium audio system should adapt to both the room and the application.

Whatever ambience the bar exudes, customers come to have a good time. They deserve the best sound quality no matter the style of music, or how loud it's being played. Genelec speakers have the unique ability to deliver total clarity at any volume - from subtle background music to high energy atmosphere - so your guests can always appreciate the music without their conversation being drowned out.

And with Genelec's room correction controls, each speaker can be tuned exactly to the acoustic space - whether it's a gastro-pub, bar, lounge, or speakeasy.


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