Smart IP

Genelec has created a Smart IP solution that will save professional audio system designers, integrators, and installers valuable time – without sacrificing Genelec’s renowned audio quality – and help them take on bigger audio installation projects.

Power to the speaker.
Power to the installer.

One clever little cable.

Genelec, the global leader in professional
audio monitoring, has introduced a unique
open IP networking technology platform that
delivers power, audio, scalable loudspeaker
system configuration, and supervision and
calibration features – all via a single standard
CAT5 cable.

Singular sound. Singular solution.

For installers, Genelec Smart IP Technology
offers the best of both worlds: high-quality
Genelec sound that audio professionals have
trusted for decades and time-saving efficiency
that will reduce installation man-hours and boost
your bottom line.

Power couple.

Genelec Smart IP Technology and the new
Genelec Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)
enabled 4430A loudspeaker bring
one-cable simplicity and superior sound
to even the most challenging, high-end
audio system design and installation


“The development of the IP technology platform offers integrators an easy and cost-effective route to uncompromised high-quality audio installations.”

—Aki Mäkivirta • Genelec Director of R&D

Proven, time-saving software.

Single-cable simplicity is only the beginning. Thanks to Genelec’s sophisticated speaker management software, the smart IP technology platform enables flexible system integration, supervision, management, and monitoring over IP.

Genelec speaker management software is already a well-established and trusted tool within the company’s studio monitoring speaker range. But to address the specific needs of installers, Genelec developed dedicated software that offers an array of tools focused on solving specific installation audio problems – including device discovery, automatic room equalisation and calibration, and system organisation and status monitoring.

This saves integrators a substantial amount of working time while ensuring that the system performs with outstanding clarity and speech intelligibility.


New Genelec 4430 loudspeaker - exceptional sound quality over IP

Genelec Smart IP helps deliver multisensory experience at Finnish Music Hall of Fame

Dream Bigger.

Think you can’t take on high-end installations?
Think again. With Genelec Smart IP technology,
designers and installers now have the ability to
deliver Genelec’s pure and powerful award-winning
sound to any IP installation.

smartip linedrawing


Speed demon.

Smart IP technology not only allows Genelec to bring its renowned audio quality to IP speaker installations, it also makes active speaker system design and installation significantly faster and easier. And you won’t need as much gear. Can’t you just hear those savings?

All systems go.

Based on IP and Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) technology, the Genelec platform utilizes a proprietary internal power supply that delivers remarkably higher SPLs than was previously possible via any conventional PoE. In fact, the Genelec solution is powerful enough to run small to medium sized systems – a world first.

Flexible system management.

Anywhere, anytime.

The Genelec Smart IP technology platform is a game-changing speaker network solution. It enables the transfer of high-quality audio signals to active Genelec loudspeakers via an IP network, and empowers integrators and installers with the ability to monitor, maintain, and configure speaker systems remotely to better serve your clients. Now you can control speaker performance, and create speaker groups for different rooms, spaces and environments, or react quickly to whatever else your clients may need – from virtually anywhere.

Sustainable profitability.

Thanks to the ease of being able to use just one cable and the ability to utilize existing IT infrastructure when possible, both of which will save on resources, the Genelec Smart IP solution provides true, sustainable profitability for all installation projects.


Genelec Smart IP helps deliver multisensory experience at Finnish music hall of fame

Helsinki's newest music entertainment venue relies on Genelec's latest networked loudspeaker technology to deliver superlative sound to music fans.

Genelec Smart IP helps turn disaster into success at Moesgaard Museum

MOMU recreates the drama of Vesuvius’s eruption with Genelec networked loudspeaker technology.

Beauty and simplicity on both sides of the wall.

It’s been said that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. And when you combine Genelec's innovative Smart IP technology platform with the new Genelec PoE-powered 4430A loudspeaker, you get both. With everything you need to power small- to medium-sized systems via one standard CAT5 cable, you’ll discover that Genelec has introduced beauty and simplicity to both sides of the wall.


Sound Superiority.

Genelec skimp on sound? Never. The new PoE-enabled 4430A loudspeaker delivers Genelec’s same critically acclaimed, high-quality audio to IP network-based AV system installations.

In fact, the only thing you will lose are those annoying extra cables. There’s a reason why audio professionals around the world trust their mixes to Genelec. And now professional audio system designers, integrators, and installers have plenty of great reasons to follow suit.

Smart consumer.

Genelec patented dynamic power technology helps the 4430A speaker use less electricity by restoring energy from the continuous power feed and better balancing energy consumption peaks that occur on lower audio frequencies.

Designed for beauty and performance. And to last.

You’ll also benefit from extensive remote maintenance capabilities and an impressive 5-year warranty. Not to mention Genelec’s exceptional craftsmanship and product life cycle which has been known to last up to 20-30 years. And always with an eye on sustainability, Genelec utilizes recycled aluminium to build its enclosures, which in turn can be recycled endlessly.

“With everything you need delivered over a single, standard network cable - including enough power to drive medium SPL applications - integrators have a complete solution at their fingertips: the highest quality loudspeakers with onboard signal processing, integrated power amplifiers and automatic room calibration, all underpinned by Genelec’s renowned audio and build quality.”

—Aki Mäkivirta • Genelec Director of R&D

Smart IP Speakers

4430A Smart IP Installation Speaker

Looking for exceptional sound over IP? The 4430A offers power, audio and loudspeaker management via a single standard CAT cable, delivering unrivalled flexibility, cost-effectiveness and simplicity of installation.