GLM Calibration Kit

The Genelec GLM Calibration Kit enables Smart Active Monitors and Subwoofers (SAM™) to work with Genelec Loudspeaker Manager (GLM™), our award-winning monitoring calibration and management software offering precise automatic room adaption, advanced system control and highly detailed GRADE Room Acoustic Reporting.

The Calibration Kit includes a GLM Network Adaptor device, reference microphone, microphone holder, 1.8 metre USB cable and Quick Connection Guide. Setting the Calibration Kit up to work with your SAM system is as simple as networking your SAM Series models together with their included 5 metre Ethernet cables, downloading the latest GLM software to your Mac or PC, then connecting the Network Adaptor to the computer using USB interface and to your SAM system using one of the 5 metre Ethernet cables included with your SAM monitors.

As an advanced alternative to using the Calibration Kit – for professionals who want to get the absolute most out of SAM and GLM – our 9320A SAM™ Reference Controller includes the same reference microphone and holder and fulfils the functionality of the GLM Calibration Kit yet offers several further benefits, including a tactile user interface for managing high-channel-count immersive monitoring systems, flexible reference-quality connectivity for stereo in-room and headphone monitoring and measurements of SPL and sound exposure.

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The Genelec Loudspeaker Manager (GLM™) Package provides all necessary components to establish connectivity to SAM™ monitors. Complete network system setup and control of up to 30 monitors and subwoofer is possible via a standard CAT5 or CAT6 cabling.

The GLM™ includes simple to use step-by-step setup wizards to ensure a pain-free and thorough installation, access to extensive Acoustical Settings in each monitor, and System Setup files for saving and recalling of all settings.

As an essential part of the GLM software, GLM™ AutoCal is a fully automated acoustical calibration tool for a single room multi-monitor system which combines decades of acoustic research along with our proprietary DSP and network control. The AutoCal system produces monitor-generated test signals recorded by a calibration microphone to determine correct acoustical alignments for every monitor and subwoofer on the GLM control network.

The differences are in the steepness of the crossover filters and the slightly tighter on-axis response. When using the GLM™ control network and AutoCal, the monitor can be integrated into the room with greater precision and the differences may be significant.

Software updates and upgrades will be clearly announced on the Genelec web site.

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