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The broadcast studio can be a highly challenging environment in which to mix audio. When you are working fast and under pressure, you really need studio monitors that you can rely on.

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Tools you can trust

Today’s broadcast audio professional is often having to deliver high quality mixes to a very tight deadline, while working in small spaces with sometimes difficult acoustics. This demands physically compact studio monitors that offer completely neutral playback characteristics, great translation and 24/7 reliability. You don’t get a second chance, so you can’t afford to compromise on quality.

Working multi-channel

With complex multi-channel mixes becoming increasingly common in modern broadcasting, the controlled directivity and unrivalled on and off axis response of Genelec monitors becomes ever more crucial. Additionally, all Genelec monitors can be optimised for any acoustic space, with our smart active models harnessing the power of GLM software to allow each monitor to be calibrated for level, frequency response and distance delay.

Challenges we can help you with

Working in small spaces

Anyone who has worked in an OB-van will know what a tight, confined area it can be, as equipment, studio furniture and personnel battle for space.

As a result, your monitors must pack the highest levels of performance into a small form factor, so that even in immersive environments the monitors take up a minimum amount of space. At Genelec, we have perfected the art of compact monitor design, with a range of two-way and three-way nearfield designs that offer wide frequency range and impressive SPL from an amazingly small footprint.

But while some may be small in size, all our monitors are big on reliability. With sophisticated protection circuitry and rigorous quality control, we're the number one choice for mission-critical broadcast applications.

Difficult acoustics

Parallel walls, low ceilings, and minimal acoustic treatment – broadcast studios can be difficult to tame.

Add to that the problems of reflective surfaces and non-symmetrical furniture layout and you can really be up against it when it comes to creating an environment that can produce quality audio mixes that translate well.

We have long recognised this, and since the launch of our very first monitor - the S30 - we have worked tirelessly to minimise the room’s negative influence on the sound you hear, through a combination of innovative cabinet, driver and electronic design. You can also tailor the response of your Genelec monitors to the room by using our simple rear-panel room correction switches, or for more power and flexibility opt for our range of smart active monitors with GLM calibration software.

Flexible mounting

When space is limited, a range of flexible mounting options for your monitors is essential.

Having worked with many broadcasters over the years, we have come to understand how every build project is unique, and we have aimed to help all our customers find a mounting solution that suits their space and their workflow.

As a result, no other monitor manufacturer offers such a comprehensive selection of accessories, and whether you require floor, table, wall, ceiling, flush, truss or VESA mounting, we can help you position, secure and adjust your Genelec monitors for optimal performance.


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