null NEP Finland Choose The Ones for New OB Pods

NEP Finland Choose The Ones for New OB Pods

For over 30 years, NEP has been the world’s leading production partner - supporting premier content producers of live sports, entertainment, music and corporate events.

With over 3500 employees located across the globe, NEP have become the industry benchmark for technical management, production support and engineering.

So when NEP Finland chose Genelec in order to “provide our engineers with the best possible tools” and asked us to help equip their compact new audio ‘pods’, we had no hesitation in specifying the 8331 three-way coaxial nearfield monitors from The Ones series.

In this exclusive video - which marks the World Rally Championship (WRC) Neste Rally in Finland this coming week - we take a look inside NEP’s Genelec-powered pods and find out how The Ones help NEP deliver quality content, especially at events like WRC rallies, which they describe as “the most difficult motorsport TV production environment that you will ever come across.”

Small OB studios are among the most difficult audio environments to build successfully: since audio engineers working in them need to make accurate decisions quickly and under pressure, despite cramped conditions and challenging acoustics.

The point-source performance of the 8331 is perfect for this type of environment – it is physically very compact, has a wide, uncoloured sweet spot and allows engineers to monitor extremely accurately even at very short listening distances. Additionally, Genelec GLM software allows the 8331s to be configured and calibrated specifically for NEP’s unique ‘pod’ environment, meaning that their engineers can be confident that every mix is a true reference, and their content will translate beautifully to the broadcaster’s audience.

Main images: Andre Lavadinho

NEP Finland choose The Ones for Rally PODs

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