null RMF FM - Poland

RMF FM - Poland

RMF FM is one of the most popular radio stations in Poland. Its first audition was broadcasted in 1990 from the radio’s registered office in Cracow. RMF FM’s activity is widely appreciated and popular, due to a highly reliable attitude of journalists, up-to-date playlists with the greatest hits, and top quality equipment.


Radio holds many interesting promotional events, such as Inwazja mocy or RMF FM cup running race.

Konsbud Audio was responsible for delivery and installation of monitor loudspeaker sets for RMF FM’s main broadcasting studio.


”We have installed Genelec 8351 reference monitors that are capable of extremely faithful sound reproduction due to their wide frequency response and impressive power specifications”, says Konsbud Audio.

Main components of the system:

• Genelec 8351 reference monitors

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