null Genelec Smart IP loudspeakers contribute to smart working in Stockholm

Genelec Smart IP loudspeakers contribute to smart working in Stockholm

Cecil Coworking is part of a new breed of office space for professionals and businesses who want to work smarter.

Based in Stockholm’s vibrant Bibliotekstan district, Cecil Coworking is a stunning example of the new concept which sells service packages rather than renting office space. The accent throughout is on design to promote efficiency and wellbeing in an elegant yet inviting environment. Genelec Smart IP technology provides a fitting audio solution for this new, smart working environment.

The solution to remain cost-effective, easily serviceable, easy to install, and sustainable.

The audio system, along with the rest of the AV systems throughout the 3,200 square-metre space, was designed, supplied and installed by corporate AV systems integration specialists, Scan AV Kommunikation AB. “The aim was to provide a complete background music solution that offered high quality sound over the entire two floors of the Cecil Coworking location,” describes Magnus Westin, AV systems design engineer at Scan AV. “The solution had to be widely scalable and fitting for the premium environment; that meant impeccable sound quality and pleasing aesthetics with minimum visual impact. However, the solution still needed to remain cost-effective, easily serviceable, easy to install, and sustainable. That’s a lot of boxes to tick, but Genelec’s Smart IP loudspeaker solution was the obvious answer.”

Smart IP is a recent development from Genelec that delivers audio, power and control over a single network cable. This hugely facilitates installation whilst maintaining Genelec’s signature sound quality. “Delivering the solution over a planned network proved to be the most cost-effective solution, enabling us to plan installation and loudspeaker placement down to the last detail,” explains Westin. “Smart IP technology is an absolute godsend for projects like this – having audio, power and control delivered over a single cable eliminates the need for additional power outlets near the speakers and avoids having to install proprietary speaker cables that might interfere with other installations. This keeps everyone’s blood pressure at manageable levels and enables us to deliver an accurately costed project with a very competitive cost per unit.”

It was a challenge finding suitable locations for the loudspeakers that met the requirements of the architects without impinging on the overall audio experience. Scan AV had to be quite creative with speaker placement, but careful positioning, judicious use of mounting accessories and almost invisible cabling has resulted in a sleek installation that matches and even contributes to the high quality look and feel of the rest of the project’s fabulous architecture, floor-planning and exquisite design elements.

“We’ve placed the speakers on shelves, tables, in ceiling recesses as well as more traditional wall placements,” continues Westin. “We used a variety of mounting options from Genelec including some sleek colour-matched table stands that were used on top of window sills plus some custom ceiling mounts. The aim was to create an immersive sound experience in all zones whilst maintaining harmonious aesthetics. The ability to have the same product throughout, with the only variations being placement and mounting accessories, was a complete win for this project. It looks amazing and we used Genelec Smart IP Manager software to calibrate each loudspeaker individually for optimum sound quality throughout.”

Smart IP speakers truly display awesome strength when used with high demands on sound quality.

Scan AV installed a total of 36 Smart IP loudspeakers as part of a distributed system split into twelve zones over two floors, all connected with fibre-stacked network switches acting as a single, giant switch. There are 34 compact 4420loudspeakers spread evenly across the entire office area and all open spaces, and two slightly more powerful 4430s in the bar area. All control is through a customcoded AMX system with touch panels for easy control of zones, volume, content, presets, and time/calendar based events. The system also allows for total control from a remote location, keeping costly and intrusive on-site visits down to a minimum. A total of five selectable stereo sources can be distributed to all 36 individual speakers or assigned to the twelve pre-defined zones.

“Genelec’s Smart IP speakers truly display their awesome strength when used in these types of projects with high demands on sound quality, even when perhaps changing a project’s environment or design completely for a particular area,” concludes Westin. “It’s immensely flexible and allows us to adapt to changing requirements as we go along. Cecil Coworking is a wonderful space and a fantastic example of how design and technology work together for the greater good. My only wish is that in the near future we will see even more Smart IP loudspeaker models, so we can include them in even more applications!”

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