8000-425 Adjustable height table stand

Adjustable height table stand with a base plate that can be attached to a table or flat surface.

The stand improves the acoustical performance by raising the loudspeaker above the table level, causing less reflections from the table surface. Preferably used with stand plate and Iso-Pod for better loudspeaker orientation. The telescopic tube length (301 to 527 mm) is designed for optimum loudspeaker positioning behind or above computer screens. Screws and fixing nuts for a 40 mm thick table are included. Available in black colour.

Compatible with models:
8010, 8020, 8030
G One, G Two, G Three
4010, 4020, 4030

Compatible only when using 8040-408 stand plate:
G Four
4040 (requires Iso-Pod kit 8040-440)

Compatible only when using 8030-408 stand plate:

Order code / colour: 8000-425B / black

104 mm

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