null Beyond High Fidelity - Genelec visits Jaakko Mäkiranta

Beyond High Fidelity - Genelec visits Jaakko Mäkiranta

We recently caught up with long-time home audio enthusiast and Genelec user, Jaakko Mäkiranta from Kurikka, Finland, to check out his home listening setup and find out what makes him tick.

What was your first home audio system like?

It was a portable radio I bought in the mid 60s. Soon after that, I needed to get a better one that had the possibility to adjust the settings, so I replaced it. I also had a very interesting Orthoperspecta three-way speaker system, which was kind of a precursor to surround sound - their history is worth researching if you've never heard of them!

What system do you have today?

I have a NAD Electronics M50.2 Digital Music Player directly connected into two Genelec 1235As. With this kind of setup, I find that I don't require any other devices.

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What's your take on room treatment and system adjustments?

I feel that it's very important to take care of these properly. The fine tuning and placement of my loudspeakers has been done with great accuracy, and all my acoustic treatment has been carefully planned and fitted. Ultimately, if you want a truly satisfying result, you should do these things as well as possible.

What do you look for in a perfect home audio system?

Above all, I look for the highest sound quality for a great listening experience. I tried several different setups here and based on my experiences I made my final choice. A big plus with Genelec is that the loudspeakers simply reproduce the sound as it was intended to be, playing it honestly without adding or removing anything.

What’s your favourite format for listening to music?

I own a turntable for playing vinyl, however, my streamer box is my top choice. Streaming these days is high quality and convenient and ultimately, I just want great audio quality - streaming provides that without fuss.

When did you first get the Genelec loudspeaker experience?

It was when I paid a visit to Genelec's factory in Iisalmi, which is roughly in the middle of Finland. Before that visit, I thought that Genelecs were only suited to studio monitoring, but I left the factory feeling convinced that they work perfectly for home entertainment too.

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What do you think about your Genelec 1235As?

I love their truthful, honest sound. Every recording plays back just as it should, by which I mean that you can hear every detail and it's possible to really appreciate the highest fidelity recordings and finest productions available.

How do you compare the experience of stereo, surround and immersive?

I've listened to multichannel systems, and of course, the sense of space is different with surround and immersive, but stereo is still enough for me. In my case, simple is beautiful.

How does it feel to have such a high quality listening experience at home?

Honestly, it feels a little like enjoying a drink for me, which is usually a lot of fun, but not always! As with many other things, my enjoyment of music is not 100% guaranteed, because some days it doesn't hit right, you know? Sometimes the music you love is the perfect remedy, and then other times it doesn't do its magic. Luckily, for the good days, I have a great system!

How have your friends reacted when they listen with you?

My friends have given the system a lot of praise. They're blown away with the sound quality and they love the look of the system.

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