5041A Active In-Wall Subwoofer

The Genelec 5041A is a dedicated Active In-Wall subwoofer designed to complement Genelec AIW25 Active In-Wall and Genelec AIC25 Active In-Ceiling loudspeakers.

When the 5041A is installed, all that can be seen of it is a discreet small metal grille on the wall, but its powerful and dynamic bass response will leave no doubt about the presence of a high quality subwoofer. The 5041A extends the system’s bass response down to 35 Hz with an upper cut-off frequency of 95 Hz.

The 5041A features two 6.5” loudspeaker drivers in a very slim (depth 82 mm / 3 1/4”) MDF enclosure and a separate 4U RAM3 amplifier unit that can be installed in an equipment rack using the optional RM2 Rack Mount Kit.
maximum sound pressure level 105 dB
frequency response LFE 30 - 95 Hz (± 3 dB)
phase correcting 0 to -270° (90° steps)
driver dimension 2 x 6 ½ in
amplifier power 125 W
dimensions H x W x D 1170 x 346 x 82 mm
H x W x D 373 x 267 x 3 mm *
weight 15 Kg (33 lb)
connectors 1 x XLR analog in
1 x RCA analog in
1 x XLR link out
5041A amplifier-module back view

* Dimensions of the visible part (grille) of an installed unit.

For high resolution photos please visit: flickr.com/genelec