Architectural Speakers

Our in-ceiling and in-wall options give you complete control over difficult acoustic environments, by offering truly professional sonic performance in a form-factor that will blend unobtrusively into any surroundings.

Architectural Speaker Series

AIC25 Active In-Ceiling Speaker

Need a truly premium quality ceiling loudspeaker that blends seamlessly into the room? The AIC25 discreetly integrates with any interior - with no compromises in audio performance.

AIW25 Active In-Wall Speaker

Exceptional sound quality meets discreet, unobtrusive aesthetics. Meet the AIW25 - genuinely professional audio performance in a compact in-wall format.

AIW26B Active In-Wall Speaker

The AIW26B offers the same exceptional sound quality as its smaller AIW25 sibling, but with a more generous SPL capability and low frequency extension - making it the natural choice for larger spaces.

5041A Active In-Wall Subwoofer

Designed to complement our AIW25 in-wall and AIC25 in-ceiling speakers, the 5041A is the first in-wall subwoofer to offer truly professional performance.