null Genelec monitors deliver high-end music production for Mondosonic Studios

Genelec monitors deliver high-end music production for Mondosonic Studios


Kerala, India, February 2021… Mondosonic Studios has been a labour of love and five years of research for Varun Krrishna. Throughout his career he has strived for the sound of classic British recording which subsequently led to his enviable collection of analogue gear including a large-format desk and numerous pieces of outboard equipment - and ultimately the creation of his own studio in Kerala. To ensure he achieved the best possible results with his studio, Krrishna turned to Genelec Smart Active Monitoring for the perfect full range solution.

“I have a sound of my own, so each gear selection is based on that particular sound and workflow,” explains Krrishna, discussing the racks of outboard equipment in the studio. “Investing in all of that advanced gear without a great sounding room would have been a failure, so I got to work. It took more than three years to develop my studio’s console room and recording hall. I designed the rooms in ‘golden ratios’ myself and I’m quite happy about the sound I’m getting there now.”

The 600-sq-ft mixing space required monitors which could excel in both coverage and sound quality. Krrishna trialled 10 to 15 monitor speakers to try and find the correct solution for the space, and as part of this process spoke to the experts at Sound Team – a company from which he has bought a large amount of equipment over the last few years.

“Varun spoke to me around mid-2019 about setting up this new room and we discussed a few Genelec monitor options to consider,” recalls Sound Team’s Shiv Sood. “We finally locked on the 1238DF with the 7380A subwoofer. Varun was looking at a high powered three-way active monitor but didn’t want to flush mount the monitors. The 1238DF was perfect as its cabinet depth is around 10 inches, and coupled with the 7380A makes a perfect full range monitoring solution.”

“I couldn’t be happier about what it delivers,” adds Krrishna. “It’s punchy, wide sounding, with great translation and offers an unbelievable accuracy in the low end.”

Tuning the space saw Genelec Loudspeaker Manager (GLM) software technology put to use. “I recollect that prior to ordering the system, Varun had questions about calibration, phase alignment, level matching and so on,” notes Sood. “As a solution provider you can so confidently explain to him how GLM effectively helps sort all these issues out, and provides the ability to set up all of this even by himself. I believe the sonic experience customers are getting is because GLM really plays a central part in the loudspeaker performance coming together.” Krrishna agrees, describing the GLM integration as “flawless”.

The new monitor setup is something that Krrishna is clearly very happy with. “Genelec made my mixes much greater by providing hyper-detailed monitoring,” he states. “I thank my friend Shiv from Sound Team, who was a great help in choosing and getting the right Genelec speakers for my room.”