Aural ID

The ultimate in tailor-made headphone monitoring. Create your profile, download the plug-in, and enjoy a headphone listening experience you can finally trust.

Aural ID

The ultimate in tailor-made headphone monitoring. Create your profile, download the plug-in, and enjoy a headphone listening experience you can finally trust.

Ready to start? Download Aural ID Creator to create your personal Aural ID Profile.

Sound is universal. The way we experience it – deeply personal.

Introducing Aural ID, a completely personal plug-in for workstations that gives audio professionals the ability to confidently use and trust high-performance headphones for monitoring purposes. Aural ID will not only help you work more efficiently, but also provide you with a sonic reference that you can rely on virtually anywhere.

“We believe that in-room loudspeaker monitoring is unrivalled for recording and mixing, but high quality headphones play an important role as a supplementary monitoring tool. Aural ID empowers headphone users by giving them the confidence to switch between monitors and headphones freely, delivering mixes that translate consistently to the outside world. We’re sure that audio professionals will warmly embrace the features, usability and flexible purchasing models that Aural ID offers.”

Siamäk Naghian, Managing Director

Designed for Professionals

Aural ID is primarily designed for audio professionals in music, film, broadcast, game audio design and academic research. But whether you work in stereo, surround or immersive, if you need a truthful, totally personal headphone experience with the natural sense of space and imaging provided by good in-room monitoring, you’ll love Aural ID. Maybe you’re working in an environment where loudspeaker monitoring is just not possible. Or you simply want to accurately check how your mix translates to headphones. Either way, Aural ID is a godsend.


Virtual Monitor Calibration

With Aural ID, you can replicate the layout of your in-room loudspeaker monitoring system in your headphones, to create a much more consistent translation between headphones and monitors.

Within your headphone feed you can adjust each virtual monitor location, playback level, and listener orientation in azimuth and elevation. Mute and solo modes allow each virtual monitor to be auditioned, just like your studio monitors. Aural ID also remembers the virtual monitor layout and settings, allowing a quick return to projects. No other headphone system provides this precise level of sound localisation.

Sound Colour Calibration

As well as spatial calibration, Aural ID also compensates for the sound colouration that your headphones will introduce. The Headphone Specific EQ option applies a corrective EQ curve for a particular headphone model, based on a growing library of professional headphone data created within Aural ID. A second option provides more general compatibility with any professional headphones, while an additional 6-stage parametric EQ section is available in both modes to provide an even more tailored experience, to match your in-room monitors or your individual workflow.

How It Works

The simple Aural ID Creator mobile app allows you to submit 360-degree video footage of your head, ears and upper body. We then analyse the way these physical features colour the audio arriving from all directions. This effect is totally unique to all of us and is called the Head-Related Transfer Function (HRTF). Aural ID’s cloud-based calculation engine then models your features to calculate your own personal HRTF, which can then be applied to your DAW headphone monitoring feed via the Aural ID plug-in. After some careful calibration, you’ll notice that sounds will achieve a much more natural sense of space and direction, moving from ‘inside’ your head to their correct position in the mix.

Most importantly, Aural ID is totally personal – and doesn’t rely on the less accurate generic HTRFs employed by other headphone monitoring systems.

The System

Along with our extensive range of studio monitors, Aural ID creates a complete monitoring ecosystem with a natural, satisfying connection between monitors and headphones. If you’re a user of Genelec Smart Active Monitors, you can import calibration files directly into Aural ID from our GLM loudspeaker manager software. This further helps you to closely replicate the performance of your in-room monitoring system, and achieve more consistency when switching between monitors and headphones.

Aural ID is available in VST, AAX and AU formats for easy integration into any DAW.


Individual yearly subscription*

€ 490 (year 1)

€ 249 (year 2)

€ 149 (year 3 onwards)

Monthly subscription € 49

*Yearly subscription includes access to individual HRTF data, for use with third-party plug-ins. This data is downloadable in SOFA file format, and is then available permanently - even if the Aural ID subscription lapses.

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Getting Started

1. Install the Aural ID Creator app

This will be needed for Step 3 below.

2. Log in to the Genelec Community

Create your Genelec Community account, or log in to your existing account.

3. Record & Upload

Use the Aural ID Creator app to record then upload the video and photo material for your Aural ID.

4. Subscribe

Choose your preferred subscription and place your order. Your Aural ID will then appear in your account approximately two working days later.

5. Download Plug-In

Go to your account and download the Aural ID Plug-in.

6. Install

Install the Aural ID Plug-in.

7. Select Aural ID Profile

Using the Plug-in, log in to your account and select the Aural ID Profile you want to use.

8. Calibrate the Aural ID Plug-in

Follow the steps in the Operating Manual to carefully calibrate your Aural ID Plug-in with your headphones.


To access more Aural ID information including the Brochure, Operating Manual and Quick Setup Guide, click below.

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