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Support and Technology

Genelec customer support and technology leadership are at the core of our company philosophy.

As the industry-leader in studio monitors and active speaker systems for over 35 years, Genelec customer support and technology leadership have been at the heart of our company philosophy.

From long-term service and spare parts support to acoustical advices, calibration services to technical support and trainings, we have always aimed to be, and stay, at the forefront of support services, either in the field or remotely.

Genelec Community and Forum

The Genelec Community and its discussion Forum is the gathering place for all Genelec users and fans to share your experience in using Genelec products, ask questions and discuss with others.

Genelec Community and Forum

Product Registration

All Genelec products are supplied with a minimum 2 years warranty from the date of purchase against manufacturing faults or defects that might alter the performance of the products. During that time Genelec and its distributors will cover warranty service labour cost and spare parts.

From the 1st of January 2015, as a part of Genelec sustainability program, we provide, for all our registered products (proof of purchase is mandatory), an extended warranty period of 3 years, in addition to the normal 2 years warranty terms. During this extended period Genelec and its distributors will cover spare parts free of charge. Normal labour cost will be charged.

To be eligible for this total warranty period of 5 years, each product should be registered. To register your Genelec product(s), go to:


Genelec Product(s) registration

Genelec Distributors and Partners' Portal

Authorized Genelec distributors and partners have access to specific information and support via a dedicated and secured website.

Genelec Distributors' website