null Colombia’s Lado A Music Chooses Genelec 1237s

Colombia’s Lado A Music Chooses Genelec 1237s

The founders of Lado A Music recently renewed their recording studio. With the new pair of 3-way 1237A SAM monitors and GLM they were able to carry out the calibration process by themselves.

Back in 2005, Jovan, Sergio and Juan Carreño founded Lado A Music, with the purpose of creating their own recording studio in the family home. Over time, the project has evolved to fill practically all of the family space - making it one of the largest musical production facilities in Bogotá. Occupying a wide corner in the residential neighbourhood of Pasadena, the facility is located close to the offices of VCR, Genelec’s Colombian distributor: and the Carreño’s equipment supplier of choice.

The Carreño brothers’ first contact with Genelec was back in 2009, when they acquired an 8050 monitoring system. At this stage the building already had a recording area, control room, and rehearsal space.

Since then, these areas have been renewed and expanded, particularly the recording room - which is now much wider, boasts a new auxiliary booth for recording voices, instruments, and also serves as a second control room. The rehearsal space has also been expanded, and both mixing and recreation areas have been added to cater for musicians and producers who visit the facility.

This year, the brothers acquired a pair of 3-way 1237A SAM monitors to act as the main monitors for the control room, keeping the original (and rock-solid) 8 year old 8050s for near-field work.

Having carried out the calibration process themselves using Genelec’s GLM software, Juan Carreño says he is still surprised with his new 1237A monitors:

"The sound quality is incredible. I'm still impressed with the sound I get from these monitors and I still can’t quite believe it. The step-by-step calibration was very easy - being able to sit down and design the sound to your liking makes things much easier and I can now say that, after completing the process - besides enjoying it - I had a lot of fun."

Lado A Music has hardware and software tools normally found only in the finest studios in the world, as well as a wide range of musical instruments, guitars, drums and even a pristine Hammond organ. The Carreño brothers’ hard work and effort has brought them industry recognition, particularly after recording the Sanalejo album "Seguir Latiendo", nominated this year for a Grammy as the best Latin Pop album. In addition, they have had the opportunity to work with artists such as J Balvin, Los de Adentro, Don Tetto and Juan Felipe Samper, among many others, as well as the Colombian production of the Peter Pan musical.

More recently, the brothers have been working on an album of duets with Rosario, Alberto Plaza and Santiago Cruz, and working again with the musical producer, guitarist and composer Toby Tobón, who has himself collaborated with countless international artists including Carlos Santana, Juanes, Ricky Martin and David Bisbal.

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