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AES Europe 2023

13. - 15.5.2023

Genelec was a proud sponsor of this year’s AES Europe Convention, which was held at Aalto University in Espoo (near Helsinki), Finland, from Saturday the 13th of May until Monday the 15th.

Perhaps it was the fine planning and extraordinary environment of Aalto University, or the sunny spring and wonderful bright Nordic nights. Maybe it was the pure elation of a pro audio community finally brought together again to listen to and discuss what they’re passionate about. Whatever the reason, the sold-out AES in Espoo, Finland, was among the very best European conventions in living memory – a truly remarkable way to celebrate 75 years of AES and 45 years of Genelec.

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As part of our company’s strong commitment to sharing knowledge, Genelec contributed papers and masterclasses to the AES programme, discussing standards, envelopment and recording techniques with some of the world’s greatest recording artists. Prioritising quality over quantity, we limited the number of seats in our listening room, giving attendees a valuable chance to fully experience what 3D audio has to offer. As a result, we had a healthy queue of curious listeners throughout the convention, refreshed as they waited by our very own Anne’s café. They were clearly satisfied as they left the listening room to make way for the next session.

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At Genelec, we had even greater reason to celebrate. Our new 8381A Adaptive Point Source Main Monitor was launched during the event, and two of them featured as the Left and Right channels of the 7.1.4 immersive system in our listening room. Listeners revelled at the grip the 8381A kept under difficult conditions, demonstrating its incredible conveyance of envelopment, wide frequency range, headroom and point source precision – performing like no other monitor on the planet.

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3D audio may be today’s hype, but a new, true stereo reference has just been born at the university where Genelec’s Co-Founder Ilpo Martikainen once studied and found inspiration.

AES Europe will be back again in 2024, so we hope to see you there! Until then, you can find information about other Genelec events and experiences by visiting

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AES Europe 2023

Espoo, Helsinki Finland