G*Connect webinar: Getting Started with Immersive Audio

null G*Connect webinar: Getting Started with Immersive Audio

G*Connect webinar: Getting Started with Immersive Audio


Tuesday 15th June at 13:00 EEST (UTC+03)...If you want to learn more about the fast-growing world of immersive audio - but you’re struggling to know where to start - then you’ve come to the right place!

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Aimed at both engineers and creatives, this easy-to-follow webinar session will cover the basic principles of immersive audio, how to actually choose the correct monitors and create an immersive monitoring system, and then we’ll look at a few real world examples of immersive rooms.

Your expert hosts Markus Kahelin and Eric Horstmann will cover:

  • Hybrid sound formats

  • Channel and object-based audio formats

  • Dolby Atmos for music

  • Ambisonics and VR

  • Loudspeaker and headphone monitoring of immersive content

The webinar will close with a Q&A session , so we warmly encourage you to get involved and fire your questions at us!

Meet the Presenters

Eric has many years of experience in immersive technologies, having overseen the technical implementation of the first Dolby Atmos cinema mixing stage in Germany. Since then Eric has mixed extensively in immersive formats, and provided expert consultancy to those wanting to improve their immersive audio workflow. Having held high profile positions at Avid, Eric joined Genelec in 2018 as Regional Business Development Manager for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Markus has a long history of using and designing audio systems for a wide range of applications, from drama theatre and performing arts, to large scale installations. He has a Masters degree in sound design, and has also studied networked communication systems and electrical engineering. Markus joined Genelec in 2008, and as Technology Service Manager he currently handles project support and technical education activities worldwide.