Genelec Immersive Listening Tour - Boston

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null Genelec Immersive Listening Tour - Boston

Genelec Immersive Listening Tour - Boston


This event is a collaboration between the Acoustical Society of America, Greater Boston Chapter, and the Audio Engineering Society, Boston section.

Join us on March 12th from 6pm-8pm with Boston Chapters of AES and ASA to hear our award-winning 8381 SAM™ Adaptive Point Source Main Monitors and get a hands on experience with the new 9320 Reference Controller.

Our Boston based Experience Center features a 9.1.6 Dolby Atmos immersive system featuring the 8381As as L&R, 8351 + W371 for center, 8341s for surrounds and heights, and a 7380 subwoofer.

This is a free event open to all. Tickets are Limited!

Get your tickets here.

Genelec Experience Center Boston

Natick, Massachusetts United States