The Ones Tour of Germany and Austria

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null The Ones Tour of Germany and Austria

The Ones Tour of Germany and Austria

13.10. - 9.12.2022

Genelec is delighted to take our flagship The Ones Series of Smart Active Monitors on the road in Germany and Austria, giving you the perfect opportunity to hear The Ones in action and ask our specialists anything you’d like to know.

Our world-renowned The Ones three-way coaxial point-source monitors are available in four different sizes, allowing you to find the perfect physical footprint, LFE and SPL for your needs. Each model excels in crystal-clear sound reproduction that can be further perfected with built-in Smart Active Monitoring (SAM) Technology, making optimised room calibration a simple task. Additionally, the two largest models can be supported by our W371A Adaptive Woofer System for even greater control of the low frequency response in your room.

We’ll be setting up a stereo pair of each model: The 8331A, 8341A, 8351B, 8361A and the W371, using a professional local studio environment to provide a listening experience that’s as detailed and representative as possible. Your expert hosts, Eric Horstmann and Marcel Schechter, will guide you through the models and explain what’s behind SAM’s DSP-based room adaptation and its ability to help you reach your highest creative potential or get next-level enjoyment from listening to music.

With six dates from October to December, The Ones Tour will make stops in Frankfurt, Munich, Heilbronn, Vienna, Hamburg and Berlin, where you’ll be welcomed into a comfortable and relaxed setting, with plenty of time for networking and enjoying our complementary drinks and finger food.

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