null Moesgaard Museum Takes Visitors on ‘The Journey’ with Genelec

Moesgaard Museum Takes Visitors on ‘The Journey’ with Genelec

Find out how the Genelec loudspeakers and subwoofers helped the Moesgaard musem to create a truly memorable exhibition experience.

Housed in a stunning architectural building and located in beautiful natural surroundings near the Danish city of Aarhus, Moesgaard is a world class museum for visitors of all ages. For its latest flagship exhibition – ‘The Journey’ – the team at the museum wanted to utilise its expertise to create a truly memorable experience. Genelec loudspeakers and subwoofers have been called on to provide powerful and precise sound to deliver a stimulating and moving narrative about the human journey from birth to death.

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The Journey is a spectacular cinematic production which focusses on basic human conditions of birth, death, love, faith, fear, loss and rationality. It was filmed on seven continents and shot in just under a year of filming. The Journey leads visitors into a physical landscape which further elaborates on this human story in an exciting departure from traditional exhibitions laden with historical artefacts.

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“From an audiovisual perspective, the challenge lay in converting the exhibition area into a hybrid between a cinema and an aesthetic installation which makes use of detailed scenography,” says Johan Ahrenfeldt, Moesgaard Museum’s Technology Manager. “In doing so, premium quality video and audio was crucial in order to execute this unique exhibition format.”

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Tasked with blending the work of both filmmakers and exhibition designers into one cohesive exhibit, the museum created a unique Genelec 19.2 SAM system for this one-of-a-kind experience, which uses 21 speakers – all calibrated with GLM software to compensate for the room’s acoustics. The bespoke audio setup is made up of 8330, 1238DF, 7271A and 1032C models.

“We feel that we succeeded in making the work of the filmmakers and exhibition designers melt into one piece of art,” adds Johan. “We were able to deliver a powerful and unique cinematic experience for the audience. The Genelec system afforded us calibration possibilities, superb sound reproduction, low power consumption in sleep mode and a discrete design, which made it an excellent choice for this project.”


14 x 8330A SAM™ Studio Monitor
3 x 1238DF SAM™ Studio Monitor
2 x 7271A SAM™ Studio Subwoofer
2 x 1032C SAM™ Studio Monitor
1 x GLM™ Software

Moesgaard Museum Takes Visitors on ‘The Journey’ with Genelec

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