null One on One with Danny Byrd

One on One with Danny Byrd

We recently visited Danny Byrd at his home to find out how the Genelec 8351s have transformed his home studio from a writing space into a mix room.

Drum and Bass Producer and DJ Danny Byrd was one of the first artists to sign to the influential Hospital record label, going on to release some massive rave anthems including Shock Out, From Bath With Love, Red Mist and Ill Behaviour – and gaining critical and commercial success both at home and abroad with his acclaimed Supersized, Rave Digger and Golden Ticket albums.

We recently visited Danny at his home in Bath, UK to shoot this exclusive One On One video and find out how the Genelec 8351s have transformed his home studio from a writing space into a mix room too.

“The 8351s I investigated when they first came out, and I was also really intrigued by the SAM technology, the built-in DSP. I was kind of sceptical of it because the sort of music technology wisdom over the years has said ‘you can't replace bad acoustics, you've got to have your treated room, you've got to do that’... but I was blown away by how much of an influence it has.”

Having previously written his material at home, then mixed it at big commercial rooms in London, the Genelecs started giving Danny the confidence to mix in his home studio too. Sure enough, within a year the mix sessions in London had stopped and Danny was writing and mixing his entire projects at home, finding that the 8351s helped his mixes pass the tough, challenging tests that a modern club PA system presents every DJ:

“These are the real deal. You play the tracks out in the club and they perfectly translate. It's like a putting a microscope over the problems in your track when you play it out in a club, so any slight issues, you will notice it. So to take something that's been mixed here and play it out – it’s quite a bit step, you know?”

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