null Genelec visits Danish star Kewan Pádre

Genelec visits Danish star Kewan Pádre

Genelec recently caught up with one of Denmark’s hottest hip-hop talents, Producer, Composer, Songwriter and Performer Kewan Pádre, to discover how he sparks creativity and pieces together hit songs, time and time again.

After moving to Denmark from Halabja, Iraq, as a young boy in 1994, Kewan soon discovered a passion for music. Encouraged by his father’s determination and his sister picking up the violin, Kewan – aged only six – went to Denmark’s Rødovre Music School to study the cello. He laughs as he recalls the cello being a suggested by his parents to avoid him and his sister competing with the same instrument.

From his first moments at Rødovre, Kewan launched himself into music, developing a flair for classical music under the wing of his teacher, Danish musician Jørn Lauritzen. During his ten years of studying at the school, Kewan also worked out how to play piano, using an old set of keys his family found in a new home they’d moved into. Around the age of fifteen, Kewan borrowed a friend’s laptop so he could experiment with beat-making on Fruity Loops Studio, sowing the seeds of his later success in hip-hop.

Since those days, Kewan has utilised his classical influence to enchant hip-hop audiences with fresh and innovative classical-fusion sounds. Despite some difficult moments along the way, including his studio being burgled and his gear held to ransom during the recent pandemic, Kewan has become one of Denmark’s most in-demand hip-hop producers and has started to flourish as an artist in his own right.

Continuing our 'The Art of Creating in Your Space' series of exclusive video interviews, we’re delighted to bring you the opportunity to get behind the scenes at Kewan’s personal studio and learn from his valuable insight into creative processes.

Kewan’s studio is powered by our intelligently adaptive Smart Active Monitors and GLM software – courtesy of a pair of high-SPL 1238A main monitors, a pair of compact 8330A monitors and a 7370A subwoofer.

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Danish star Kewan Pádre - The Art of Creating in Your Space

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