null Genelec visits global rock icon Ville Valo's home studio

Genelec visits global rock icon Ville Valo's home studio

Genelec recently caught up with one of Finland's finest musical exports, Ville Valo, who's firing up an exciting new solo adventure with the highly anticipated release of his debut album Neon Noir, due on the 13th of January under Ville's new VV moniker.

His forthcoming record marks a brand-new chapter in what's been a truly illustrious career, a journey that's seen him become one of the world's most recognisable rock stars - largely as the much-celebrated co-founder and lead singer of self-proclaimed pioneers of 'Love Metal' HIM, who were the first ever Finnish band to earn a Gold Record in the US.

Alongside his over ten million record sales with HIM, Ville has collaborated extensively with other major acts, including Bloodhound Gang, Apocalyptica, The 69 Eyes and The Mission. In 2017, shortly after laying HIM to rest, Valo realised his dream of singing for Finnish rock 'n' roll legends Agents - going on to create the platinum-selling album 'Ville Valo and Agents'.

Continuing our 'The Art of Creating in Your Space' series of video interviews, Ville now invites you to take a sneak peek at his cosy home studio, which is powered by Genelec Smart Active Monitoring courtesy of a pair of 8341 The Ones and a 7360 subwoofer. This is the space where Ville went through the most freeing - and in his own words "traumatic" - creative experience of his life - don't worry though, he's very much OK!

Ville challenged himself rigorously during the making of his forthcoming album Neon Noir, and he's reaped handsome rewards, becoming a highly effective lone creative with a skilful grasp of high-performance gear, including his trusted Genelecs.

From industriously fulfilling his desire to play every instrument on Neon Noir to taking full control of its construction, Ville says his entire creative process was a rollercoaster ride that he'll likely be mentally unpacking for years to come. It's clear, however, that he has no regrets about going solo, and the musical results speak for themselves - he's wearing his heart on his sleeve more than ever and sounding absolutely on point. This record is pure Ville Valo, without a single compromise.

See Ville’s home studio and find out more about his creative process by clicking the play button below.

Ville Valo interview - The Art of Creating in Your Space

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