null UCL chooses The Ones for new East London listening lab

UCL chooses The Ones for new East London listening lab

We were delighted to see Professor Jian Kang’s research team – based at East London’s ‘UCL at Here East’ location – choose HHB Communications to help them create an immersive ‘listening lab’, employing twelve Genelec 8331A coaxial studio monitors.

Audio research routinely demands a monitoring system with both accuracy and consistency, and flat frequency response, controlled directivity and supremely uncoloured on- and off-axis response are all design attributes that make Genelec the perfect research monitoring tool – offering transparent performance, free from artificial hype and unwanted artefacts.

Additionally, audio research often needs a flexible, scalable solution from mono to high channel count immersive audio, and in these cases the power of our GLM software allows the researcher to create, optimise and control complex arrays of Genelec smart active monitors to offer precise, predictable performance.

In this project, Professor Kang and his team at UCL are conducting research around soundscapes, studying how a human perceives, and is impacted by, the surrounding sonic environment. Having spent the last year gathering recordings from all around the world from multiple different environments, the team needed a studio that would be able to precisely recreate the recorded environment – and thus the immersive listening lab was born.

To read more about the project click here.

To find out more about Genelec solutions for audio research, click here.

Image: HHB

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